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Evaldas Zaranka in a black Trailblazer hoodie stood against a blue background
How the power of learning new skills can lead to an exciting career change.
Trailblazer Story

486 Job Applications, 1 Offer: How Persistence Paid for This Salesforce Admin

Discover how Evaldas Zaranka applied for more than 480 jobs over four months before landing the role that put him on a new career path as a Salesforce Administrator.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, and try another 485 times! This is the biggest lesson I’ve learned on my Salesforce journey. I’m Evaldas Zaranka, a former cybersecurity professional in London who reinvented myself in 2019 to become a Salesforce Administrator

I only needed one yes. There were a lot of “No’s”, and that can be frustrating. But I believe in myself. My first Salesforce Admin job led to my current role at, a food-delivery marketplace. The journey to get here is more than a model of persistence. 

My story is one that demonstrates the power of learning new skills, how to attain them quickly, and how to use them to make a career change.

Know when it’s time for change

My girlfriend first prompted the change. I was tired of working odd hours dealing with cybersecurity incidents which limited my social life. She suggested I explore doing something with Salesforce, which she had used in her own job. But I didn’t dive into this pursuit on that suggestion alone.

I took the time to look at the most logical path for me. I noticed that many people entered the Salesforce ecosystem as Salesforce Admins. So, I researched the salary range for the roles I’d be applying for. Trailhead — Salesforce’s free online learning platform was invaluable.

I spent enough time getting familiar with Salesforce on Trailhead that by the time I started applying for jobs, I had a clear understanding and intent. I had discovered how Salesforce fit what I was passionate about – new technologies, new ideas, and new ways of thinking.

Skill up and connect

To skill up, I spent an hour before work every morning completing various Trailhead modules – a habit I have continued. To date, I have earned all publicly available Trailhead badges, including all the superbadges.

But I didn’t just learn by training. The Trailblazer Community offered so much support along the way. I would post questions about issues that stumped me and be amazed to find total strangers replying with answers on a Saturday morning.

Now, I’m the one lending tips and advice to others. Once people are helping you and you’re learning how to do it, next time you can help someone else. It’s kind of like a helping circle.

Top tips for success

Here are my tips for anyone interested in making a similar transition.

  1. Know the market
    You need to be ready. First determine if you enjoy building solutions and apps then try to navigate the Salesforce platform, understand how it works, and do the market research. After that, you can make a decision if Salesforce is for you.
  2. Show what you’ve learned on social media
    I update my LinkedIn profile as I learn, detailing my Salesforce certifications and Trailhead superbadges. Don’t be shy about doing the same, shout your achievements from the rooftops! Showcasing your achievements on LinkedIn, and expanding your network is key. I’m hearing from many recruiters that my profile is structured very well, so they can spend 20 seconds scanning it to see if I’m a fit for a particular role. 
  3. Don’t sweat the job criteria
    Many of the jobs I applied for listed requirements for minimum experience that I just didn’t meet. But that didn’t stop me! I applied for just about any Salesforce Administrator job around London that I came across, spanning a range of industries. Don’t be afraid to apply because the job description says two years of experience. Explore the opportunities. Approach people directly. See who the hiring person is – ask if there may be another role opening up, all of this kind of stuff can help.
  4. Find a good mock interviewer
    The hardest part for me was interviewing for jobs. I got asked to interview at three companies, and prepared as best I could, but didn’t think I fared particularly well. Now, when guiding other Trailblazers in their own searches, I spend a lot of time doing mock interviews with them. I challenge people to explain how they would handle real-life scenarios as faced by a Salesforce Admin, so they’re prepared to prove they really know their stuff.

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