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Resume-worthy credentials that apply your Salesforce skills in a specific area to hands-on, real-world business problems.
Salesforce Certifications

Advance Your Career With Salesforce Superbadges and Super Sets

Superbadges can take your career to the next level by allowing you to demonstrate your Salesforce skills through real-world business scenarios.

“What’s so ‘super’ about superbadges?” If you’ve ever wondered this — or haven’t even heard of Salesforce superbadges—you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re already pretty “super” when it comes to superbadges, keep reading for superbadge program and security updates.

Salesforce expertise has never been more important

Salesforce is the #1 Global Platform in CRM, sales, marketing, and customer service. According to the IDC, there will be 9 million new Salesforce jobs by 2026. Currently, nearly half a million job postings annually require at least one Salesforce skill.

Organizations are increasingly looking for experts to extend the capabilities of the Salesforce products they use, improve technical agility to meet changing business demands, and handle complex IT issues with confidence.

According to an IDC InfoBrief, the business impact of Salesforce credentials and continuous learning is significant, with organizations seeing greater agility, efficiency, and employee value when they have Salesforce-skilled and certified employees.

There is no better time to improve your Salesforce skills with Trailhead – Salesforce’s free online learning platform – to advance your career. And there’s no better way to do that than earning Salesforce credentials — like certifications and superbadges.

Tell me all about superbadges

Let’s start with where you can find them: superbadges can be found in the “Credentials” tab on Trailhead. This is important to note because just like Salesforce certifications, superbadges are Salesforce credentials.

Superbadges are domain-based credentials that allow you to apply your Salesforce skills in a specific area (think: process automation or app customization) to hands-on, real-world business problems. There is no better way to advance your career and demonstrate your hands-on capabilities with Salesforce products.

Demonstrate your Salesforce skills with superbadges

Superbadges are designed to help you take all of the learning you’ve done on Trailhead and apply it to hands-on, real-world business problems you may face in your role. By earning a superbadge, you will:

  • Gain global recognition as a Salesforce specialist.
    Prove you’re adept in a domain with hands-on product experience.
  • Become a key player in your organization’s success.
    Implement best practices across the latest rollouts and releases.
  • Boost your career opportunities.
    Accelerate the path to advancement and stand out to future employers by showcasing your experience on your reinvented resume, your profile.

Superbadges will help us identify candidates who have put their Salesforce skills to the test in meaningful ways.

Kimberly Wallins Friedman, Principal, Hire On-Demand

Go further with Super Sets

Salesforce credentials allow you to supercharge your career journey. What’s even better than one superbadge? Several!

Super Sets are collections of superbadges that test your foundational knowledge within a specific domain, preparing you to take the next step toward diving deeper into key concepts, landing a new job, or getting Salesforce certified.

They’re invaluable practice for certification seekers⁠ or anyone else looking to gain the skills employers look for in qualified candidates.

Sorted by role, you’ll find Super Sets for Salesforce Administrators including:

  • Admin Super Set – to demonstrate your knowledge across reports and dashboards, business administration, and security.
  • App Builder Super Set – to prove your understanding of the ins and outs of process automation, security, and app customization.
  • Billing Specialist Super Set – lets you flex your Salesforce CPQ and Billing expertise.

With the Super Set for Salesforce Developers, show a thorough grasp of business process automation and Apex coding.

Complete the Super Set for Salesforce Consultants to flex your Tableau analytics muscles and tap into the power of data to provide valuable insights.

Tips for earning a superbadge

Superbadges are challenging — they’re designed to help assess your hands-on skills with Salesforce products.

Because superbadges are different from other Trailhead content, we’ve created the Superbadge Challenge Help article with key information on mastering superbadges, including:

  • General notes for completing superbadges
  • Resources available to you for issues completing a superbadge
  • Salesforce Certification Program information and Superbadge Code of Conduct
  • Superbadge Help Articles

If you get super-stuck completing a superbadge, take a break. Very (very) few Trailblazers complete a superbadge in one sitting. Remember to check out the Trailblazer Community, Trailhead learning content, and Trailhead Help resources to get unstuck.

Keeping superbadges super secure

At Salesforce, trust is our #1 value. Ensuring the value and integrity of all Salesforce Credentials, including superbadges, is our top priority when it comes to delivering the best and most sought-after credentials in the industry.

If you’ve earned a Salesforce credential, you probably appreciate the work that goes into protecting credential security. We encourage you to review the Salesforce Credential and Certification Program Agreement and Code of Conduct for more details.

If the question (or answer) contains general information about a particular configuration step and avoids details like specific error messages or screenshots, you’re probably in the clear.

The agreement includes specific guidelines for approaching superbadge completion (such as using help articles and searching for general resources). Also, note the way superbadge solutions and information sharing is covered in the program agreement.

In short: do your own superbadge solution work and don’t share your solutions.

Part of what powers our Trailblazer Community is collaboration. If you’re wondering whether your question or answer is at odds with the program agreement, here’s a quick test. If the question (or answer) contains general information about a particular configuration step and avoids details like specific error messages or screenshots, you’re probably in the clear.

You can submit a case to the Credential Security Team if you see any activity that undermines credential security. We review every report and take all available actions. We want to protect the value of Salesforce credentials and appreciate your partnership in doing so.

Superbadges are a unique way to show your hands-on capabilities solving for user requirements and business needs. Completing superbadges and Super Sets helps you stand out in the crowd and demonstrate your skills.

Earn a free certification voucher with the monthly Be Super, Get Set Quest

If all of that superbadge super-ness isn’t motivating enough, you also can complete the monthly Be Super, Get Set Trailhead Quest for a chance to win* a free Salesforce certification voucher.

Simply complete the monthly trailmix and earn any superbadges within the specified time frame to automatically be entered to win a free Salesforce certification voucher.

* Rules and entry requirements for quests can vary each month. Review the official rules for specific quests at

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