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Three Trailblazers in iconic black hoodies stood behind Appy the Bobcat surrounded by confetti
Thank you Trailblazers! AppExchange hits 10 million installs.

Celebrating 10 Million AppExchange Installs and Trailblazer Success

With this new milestone, we’re taking time to honor the customers and partners who made this moment possible.

We are humbled by the trust that Trailblazers around the world have demonstrated in Salesforce and our ecosystem by installing apps from AppExchange—more than 10 million times!

This milestone is about the customers who thrive when provided with options and demonstrates that businesses work better when they work together. And above all, 10 million installs have shown us that the true strength of the Salesforce ecosystem stems from the people within it, which is why we’re celebrating the Trailblazers who made it possible.

As the world’s largest and longest-running business cloud marketplace, AppExchange is the trusted enterprise for the most incredible and innovative companies in the world.

From Fortune 500 enterprises to emerging start-up companies, our customers inspire us to constantly evolve the marketplace as we work to drive one another’s success. And, with thousands of apps and experts on AppExchange, our partners’ innovations accelerate digital transformation journeys for Salesforce customers.

In 2006, we opened for business. It took 11 years, but by 2017, we had 5 million installs. And in just the last 5 years, we’ve added another 5 million installs. This exponential growth would not be possible without our customers, partners, and employees who together have made AppExchange what it is today.

AppExchange helps Trailblazers work smarter

Since September 2017, our partners have added thousands of new apps to the ecosystem. Our teams have also worked to organize apps more effectively by adding new categories, including industries, functional categories, and diversity collections. We’ve launched consultants on AppExchange with more than 1,500 experts that help support your business, showing customers how they can help with Salesforce implementation by providing details of their expertise and experience.

And since 2017, customers have submitted hundreds of thousands of reviews. These invaluable reviews have helped other customers make faster and more informed decisions while solving key business challenges.

The AppExchange is my first stop to find vetted partner technologies that help our business grow and give us a competitive edge.

Michael Banchick, CTO, Winthrop Wealth

Michael also shared, “It has apps relevant to companies of any size and industry. Whether you need ready-to-implement dashboards to track user adoption or out-of-the-box integrations with enterprise solutions to connect your data and increase productivity, I give the AppExchange ecosystem 5 out of 5 stars.”

Two other new features, AppExchange Chat and Test Drive, are helping customers navigate the ecosystem in a more personalized and efficient way. While Chat allows customers to have live conversations with partner experts, Test Drive offers hands-on experience with an app in just a few clicks.

AppExchange is driving exponential customer and partner success

Wherever I go, customers tell me they turn to AppExchange first when they need new technology in their business, because our apps save them time and money plus they’re ready to go. They trust the views of other Trailblazers, who share their feedback on the apps.

But AppExchange is more than just a marketplace. With features like Chat and Test Drive, we’re connecting customers and partners and driving real, human engagement. It’s a win-win for the entire ecosystem and leads to less friction in the sales and buying cycle.

One of our customers, Beyond Better Foods (BBF), has seen tremendous growth and digital transformation with apps. A recent Nucleus Report showed that BBF achieved a 769% ROI within less than 2 months of deploying solutions from AppExchange.

Apps have allowed our team to focus on what matters most by increasing productivity, avoiding costs, and giving us 70% savings in staff time.

Jen Haberman, VP of Sales, Beyond Better Foods

None of this would be possible without our partners, who work hard to continually provide customers with cutting-edge solutions. Our partner Trailblazers are always innovating, always transforming, and always passionate about solving problems, just like us.

The AppExchange has been incredibly valuable in our growth as a sales engagement platform that helps companies on Salesforce modernize their revenue teams.

Austin Wang, CTO, Groove

Austin also feels that, “Prospects, customers, and system integrators can easily discover our solution and try it for themselves. This extensibility is one of the reasons that Salesforce is a market leader, and we are honored to be a part of this vibrant ecosystem.”

Together, our collective future is looking bright

The success and scale of AppExchange over the last 15 years is a true testament to the caliber of our Trailblazer Community as well as the power of the ecosystem to provide solutions for an ever-changing, work-from-anywhere world.

At 10 million installs, we learned that customers thrive when provided with options and that businesses work better when they work together. These trends continue to motivate us to empower our customers and partners by providing even more simple and easy solutions and features like apps, categories, personalization, and more.

As my fellow AppExchange leader, Leslie Tom, puts it:

AppExchange will continue to be the future of Salesforce. It unites partners and customers in a way that not only creates significant growth opportunities but also strengthens all of us to scale and succeed.

Leslie Tom, SVP of AppExchange Marketing and Programs

To our Trailblazers we say, thank you, this is your milestone—that’s 10 million times the community benefited from the magic of ready-to-install apps that work in your Salesforce environments.

Thank you for sharing your feedback, ratings, and reviews and for helping your peers discover these shortcuts to success. You’ve helped make AppExchange what it is today, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Woodson has been working in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2001 and has been an employee of the company since 2005. He loves working with Trailblazers to solve tough problems. He also enjoys working with ISV partners to build great products and successful businesses on the Salesforce platform.

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