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Somrat Niyogi, former General Manager, Gusto
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Somrat Niyogi

author title Former General Manager, Gusto
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Somrat Niyogi is an expert in sales team management. Most recently, he served as general manager at Gusto. Before that, he was VP of business development at Clari and co-founder/CEO of both Stitch, a mobile-first sales productivity platform, as well as Miso, an early pioneer in the social TV space. At Miso, he led the overall vision of the company through multiple rounds of financing with top-tier investors, including Google Ventures, Hearst, and Khosla Ventures. Niyogi has worked at early-stage startups most of his career in various roles, including business development, sales, and product. Niyogi started his career at Salesforce in 2003. Somrat graduated with a BS in computer science at the University of Texas at Austin.

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