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JoAnn Corley & Alan Allard

JoAnn Corley is a passionate champion of human potential with a focus on leadership and organizational success. She has the crazy belief that we can create our best leaders and businesses from the best of our human selves. Her overall mission is to help companies put the human back in human resource through holistic talent management. She leverages her knowledge of human behavior in marketing her boutique consulting firm across a variety of channels. She has been consistently recognized as one of the top 100 most social HR & management experts to follow on social media @joanncorley.

Alan Allard enables his clients to dramatically and rapidly improve their performance in sales and life. He is the founder/CEO of Genius Dynamics, Inc. and a speaker and executive coach for sales professionals and sales leaders. Alan is the author of the upcoming book, The Second Question: Achieving Peak Performance in Sales and Life. Sign up for his newsletter at