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How to Drive Growth With Fast Commerce Solutions on the AppExchange

New Commerce Solutions on AppExchange: Build Next-Level Experiences That Drive Growth

Seventeen commerce solutions are now live in the Commerce Collection on AppExchange, with many more coming soon.

This article is part of our latest AppExchange expansion across commerce, sales, service, and marketing

As customer behaviors and expectations shift following the COVID-19 health crisis, companies are adapting to remain competitive.

Now, it’s easier to get to market faster, meet sky-high expectations, and provide complete end-to-end commerce solutions. The AppExchange has what you need to build a customized commerce solution and create better experiences to win and keep business. 

Our partners who have apps for B2B and B2C Commerce keep you one step ahead for whatever is next in commerce. Take a look. 

B2C Solutions

Content and Customer Experience

  • Amplience: Simplify how to plan, create, manage, and deliver content. Amplience Dynamic Content is an API-first approach for powerful, visual storytelling at brand, category and product levels.
  • CloudSense: Drive success through a unified solution built for the convenience revolution. Leverage a fast, easy experience to increase conversion, and maximize customer lifetime value, trust, and scale. At the same time, reduce total cost of ownership. 
  • Mobify: Introduce a headless commerce approach with Mobify’s front-end platform.  Mobify’s API-driven front-end layers on top of Salesforce Commerce Cloud make front-end and back-end changes independently with this headless commerce approach. 
  • PredictSpring: Connect customer and store associate app experiences. PredictSpring’s Modern POS provides a seamless checkout experience. It also enables a personalized experience between the store associate and consumer.

Payment and Tax

  • Adyen: Bring cutting edge digital payment technologies to consumers wherever they are shopping— in-store, online, in-app, on social media, and whatever comes next.
  • Avalara: Get an end-to-end compliance solution to address statutory tax requirements.
  • PayPal: Present shoppers with the most relevant ways to pay, across desktop web, mobile web, and mobile apps. Streamline conversion with faster checkout and by keeping customers on your site.

Data Verification and Reviews

  • Experian: Get real-time contact data verification solutions. Ensure address, email, and phone number verification integrations run smoothly and successfully.
  • PowerReviews: Collect, display, and syndicate user-generated content. Drive traffic, increase sales, and create actionable insights that improve products and services.

B2B Solutions


  • Digital River: Process payments, fight fraud, fulfill orders, and optimize conversions and renewals. Plus, shield your business from global tax and regulatory risk.

Product Information Management (PIM)

  • inRiver: Turn product data chaos into accurate, managed, fast-moving product information. Automate syndication to all endpoints such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, retailers, and marketplaces.

Distributed Commerce

  • PunchOut2Go: Enable B2B PunchOut Catalog and order automation capabilities with any eProcurement system. PunchOut2Go integrates the Salesforce B2B Commerce storefront with the PunchOut2Go Gateway. This mediates communication between Salesforce B2B Commerce and their B2B Buyers’ purchasing procurement systems.

Content Management and Search

  • BloomReach: Increase conversions and drive revenue for B2B manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors with enhanced search and merchandising.
  • Coveo: Leverage a search UI that offers advanced facetting, query suggestions, and auto self-learning with each customer interaction, while respecting all of your B2B catalog entitlements.


  • Zenkraft: Add real-time rates from your carrier account during the checkout process. Zenkraft integrates with more than 50 shipping carriers for label generation and printing. In transit, shipment status automatically updates every hour within the “My Order” section of B2B Commerce.


  • Vertex: Integrate the leading provider of corporate tax software and services for companies of all sizes.


  • Fielo: Allow organizations to easily design, manage and scale loyalty programs with an incentive automation software platform.


Additional partners including KBMax, Conexiom, PayPal, WorldPay, Hawksearch, ShipStation, Avalara, and Adyen are working on future Commerce Cloud innovations for the AppExchange.

AppExchange is home to more than 5,000 technology solutions including, apps, components, and pre-built flows. Our partners are a huge part of our customers’ success and enable you to be prepared for what’s up next in commerce. 

Make sure to visit AppExchange to see the full scope of commerce solutions from our partners.


Kemberly Gong Director, Product Marketing

Kemberly Gong is Director of Product Marketing for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, who is responsible for messaging and positioning of integrated solutions for Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud. In her nearly three years at Salesforce, Kem has worked on both the Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud, creating content, enabling sales teams and managing event strategy. Kem has more than 12 years' experience in eCommerce, software product marketing and content marketing, and holds a BS in Journalism and a BA in Political Science from San Jose State University.

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