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Blazing Trails Podcast: Inside Our Food Systems With Chefs Samin Nosrat and Dominique Crenn

Chefs Samin Nosrat and Dominique Crenn

Listen in as Samin Nosrat and Dominique Crenn discuss how to keep our food tasty, as well as the impact food has on everything around us.

What does it take to get your food from its origin to your plate? 

That is not a question many of us ask, let alone know how to answer. And when you start to consider all the steps that go into getting your food to you, you can see that it is much more complicated than it might first appear.

Hundreds of processes and thousands of steps exist between origin and plate, an entire network that experts call a “food system.” It’s everything that goes into feeding a population — the infrastructure, animals, people, and environment. But it’s not just what a food system is that’s complicated; it’s also how it operates. All of its steps must function within the social, economic, and political contexts of the community

It’s a maze-like process that is hard to picture and one whose impact is even harder to grasp.

And that’s where Samin Nosrat and Dominique Crenn come in. They are two award-winning chefs using their knowledge and experience to educate the public on not just how to keep our food tasty, but on what impact our food really has on everything around us.

Episode 4: Award-winning Chefs Samin Nosrat and Dominique Crenn on the Future of Food Systems

Crenn and Nosrat joined Louisa Burwood Taylor, Editor at AgFunder News, on-stage at Dreamforce ‘19 to talk all things food and food systems.

Crenn was nominated the World’s Best Chef in 2016, and Nosrat is the author of the New York Times bestselling cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid, Heatwhich was recently adapted into a Netflix docu-series that she stars in.

Both of these amazing chefs share their deep knowledge of cooking and how they believe food systems can be made more sustainable and equitable.

You can find it all right here, on Episode Four of Blazing Trails, made possible by WordPress VIP:


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