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Blazing Trails Podcast: Apple CEO Tim Cook on Using Business as a Platform for Change

Blazing Trails Podcast

In this Blazing Trails podcast episode, Tim Cook and Marc Benioff discuss using business as a platform for change at Dreamforce '19.

“Business is the greatest platform for change.”

You hear this phrase discussed a lot at our events, in internal and external meetings, and on our blog. It’s a concept that we are fiercely passionate about at Salesforce… but what exactly does it mean to use business as a platform for change? And what does this idea mean for you as a leader (or rising leader) of an organization?

A simple phrase with a deep definition, it’s the understanding that profit and progress is no longer sustainable unless organizations build their business models around serving the greater good.

If companies adopt this philosophy, it will change not just how we do business, but more importantly, leave a lasting impact on the world.

At Dreamforce last year, we were lucky enough to be joined by a business leader and true agent for change: Tim Cook.

Episode 2: Tim Cook and Salesforce Co-CEO Marc Benioff on Innovation, Leadership, and Creating Change

“If we only change ourselves, we haven’t done very much. We want to make a ding on the universe,” said Cook in a fireside chat with Benioff at Dreamforce ‘19. Together, they discussed the partnership between Salesforce and Apple, as well as larger topics like leadership and how he thinks business is having an impact on the world.

You can listen to episode two of this new installment right here, on Blazing Trails, made possible by WordPress VIP:


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