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Global Appliances Manufacturer Connects Data To Engage Customers and Build Brand-Loyalty

BSH Home Appliances has 17 brands and 40 facilities spread throughout the world. Here's how they created a platform to unify all that data to improve efficiency in collection and reporting.

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Marketers are often tasked with two things: efficiency and growth. Growth happens when marketers engage customers, build trust, and earn customer loyalty. However, in order for this growth to happen, businesses need a strong foundation built on marketing efficiency. 

Marketing efficiency is grounded in testing and learning. By constantly reviewing data, marketers adapt strategies to increase their business’s return on investment (ROI) and deliver impactful results. To do this, they need a system of record that connects their data in a unified source. With this system of record in place, leaders can then distill important insights about their efforts and make informed data-driven decisions.

BSH Home Appliances, the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe, has 17 brands and 40 facilities spread throughout the world. With vast amounts of data living in different locations, the marketing team needed to compile and report on insights across its global brands. They also needed to establish a connected platform to unify data to improve efficiency in collection and reporting.

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BSH Home Appliances collected data from around the world — and lots of it

As a company with brands servicing all corners of the globe, BSH had a lot of data on its hands. However, this data was spread out over multiple brands in over 30 countries. It also had three agencies assisting in paid media efforts, with campaigns running in at least seven media environments at any given time, including Facebook, Google Ads, and more.

A global platform for data

By harnessing the power of marketing intelligence, BSH set out to connect data sources from around the world into one platform – Salesforce Datorama, part of the Marketing Cloud suite that allows marketers to connect, analyze, and act on data within a centralized system of record. Datorama enables them to get a 360-degree view of their paid media data and meet the needs of both marketers and executives. Within its reporting platform, BSH’s leaders needed:

  • Data ownership: BSH rotated agencies roughly every three years. A single marketing platform would prevent data loss when it brought on a new agency.
  • Historical data review: Marketers needed to view archives of data and compare benchmarks across multiple years. 
  • 24/7 access: With data spread over multiple countries and agencies, BSH had trouble accessing all of its paid media data. Now, its  offline templates and its digital account information, including Google, Facebook, and more, live in one easy-to-access place. 
  • Standardized reporting: As a business operating in multiple countries, BSH found that different spellings and other discrepancies in language led to inaccurate data. Using Datorama, it created a global naming system to ensure consistency in data reporting.
  • Global overview: Better collection and reporting allows leaders to view holistic insights across all brands and countries immediately, with varying degrees of detail based on the audience:
    • Global dashboards: Corporate executives are able to see a high-level view of marketing activity across brands and countries.
    • Country dashboards: Marketers can view insights specific to their region, enabling them to make data-driven decisions about their efforts. 
    • Special dashboards: Marketers can test and report on individual campaigns.
    • Automated reports: Marketers can set up automated monthly or quarterly PDF reports to be sent to stakeholders.

A world of data in your hands

BSH opened a world of possibilities by unifying data into a single platform with Datorama. Now, its marketers have immediate access to a global view of their data, enabling them to produce better insights and make data-driven decisions about their campaigns.

With the foundation now in place, BSH hopes to continue building better reports by integrating more features from Datorama’s Marketplace Apps, like social media reporting, and integrating the Media Transparency Center for increased transparency in reporting paid media data.

Watch BSH Appliances’ session at DMEXCO to learn how a unified reporting platform, like Datorama, can provide actionable marketing insights.

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