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Climb the Trailblazer Ranks with Trailhead Quests

Astro surrounded by all of the Trailblazer Ranks above Ranger
Five new Ranger Rank Quests to inspire you to climb higher.

Choose the quest, complete the challenge, and enter to win sweet prizes as you climb the ranks on Trailhead.

Nearly 6 million Trailblazers have skilled up and earned resume-worthy credentials on Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform. Trailhead makes it fun and easy to learn in-demand skills, including artificial intelligence (AI), tech, and business through gamification. Stay engaged and motivated on your Trailhead learning journey by earning points, collecting badges, and climbing the Trailblazer Ranks with Trailhead Quests for the chance to win great prizes.

What are Trailblazer Ranks?

As you learn on Trailhead, you earn points and badges which go toward your overall rank. Trailblazer Ranks showcase how far you’ve come on your Trailhead learning journey. There are 12 ranks ranging from Scout (0 badges, 0 points ) all the way to All Star Ranger (600 badges, 300,000 points). All ranks above Ranger (100 badges, 50,000 points) are referred to as Ranger Ranks.

Trailblazer Ranks are important because they’re featured on your Trailblazer Profile, your trusted Salesforce resume, providing a complete view of your skills, certifications, accomplishments, and connections. What sets the Trailblazer Profile apart from a traditional resume or LinkedIn profile is that it verifies your Salesforce skills. The profile connects to Trailhead which documents and validates skills and learning. Now, it’s easier than ever for employers to grasp the breadth and depth of a job seeker’s knowledge by looking at their Trailblazer Profile.

Reach the next rank with Trailhead Quests

We’ve made learning even more fun with Trailhead Quests, combining learning new skills with the chance to win awesome prizes. Each quest runs for a limited time and has a specific trailmix of tasks to carry out. Past prizes have been community badges (limited-edition virtual prizes you can earn only by attending an event or completing a Trailhead Quest), Salesforce Certification vouchers, gift cards to the Trailblazer Store, and the iconic Trailblazer hoodie.  

There’s a Trailhead Quest for everyone:

NEW Ranger Ranks Quests

Our latest Trailhead Quests focus on all the ranks above Ranger! From Double Star Ranger through All Star Ranger, there’s a new quest for each Trailblazer Rank. These five new quests inspire you to climb even higher with each one offering a different awesome prize, from iconic Trailblazer hoodies to exciting mystery prize boxes!

It’s time to climb

Are you ready to climb the Trailblazer Ranks with Trailhead Quests? Get started with three simple steps.

  1. Sign up for your free Trailhead account if you don’t have one already.
  2. Choose the Trailhead Quest that will help you reach your goals.
  3. Complete the relevant trailmix during the entry period.

See Official Rules at the bottom of the Trailhead Quest page for details.

Check out the Get Started with Trailhead trail to learn more.

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Vanessa Ng Senior Manager, Trailblazer Ecosystem Marketing

Vanessa is focused on empowering Trailblazers to reach their learning goals and succeed within the Salesforce ecosystem by bringing the fun with Trailhead Quests. She also manages the Trailblazer Store and enjoys creating one-of-a-kind Salesforce swag.

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