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Your Shopping Experience Is Changing — These Award Winners Are Making It Happen

This year's Commerce Partner Awards honors ISV and SI Salesforce partners who are changing the commerce industry from within. These 16 awardees are creating innovative digital solutions for their customers — and it’s not going unnoticed.

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Salesforce is honoring the work our partners are doing to transform digital commerce experiences. [Elena Kharichkina / Stocksy]

The past two years have been a game changer for commerce. During that time, global same-site sales rose 44% for B2C businesses and 95% for B2B brands. The momentum continues: according to new Salesforce commerce research, 69% of surveyed leaders are investing in new digital channels. 

As supply chain issues and operating costs rise across industries amid a changing technology landscape, connecting with your customers is harder than ever. Brands are doing more with less, and businesses are now looking to trusted partners for help building the best customer experiences. 

This is where Salesforce’s vast array of partners steps in. 

To help companies grow faster and more efficiently, Salesforce is helping bring together connected omni-channel experiences across multiple industries. We have one of the largest ISV marketplaces, with a robust ecosystem of 260-plus partners spanning over 35 categories. We also have thousands of cutting-edge apps that have been developed by our partners on the Salesforce platform.

At this year’s Commerce Partner Awards, Salesforce is honoring the work our partners are doing to transform digital commerce experiences. Recognizing these industry leaders brings added visibility to their efforts and encourages other companies to lean into innovative strategies and solutions that help deliver efficiency, customer success and return on investment. 

Here’s a little about each of the recognized winners and their efforts to become leaders in digital commerce.

Best Breakthrough Industry Launch 

Accenture’s powerful tagline, “Let there be change,” pretty much says it all. Recognized for its industry-disrupting technology and business model, Accenture offers a wide array of digital services to transform customer experiences in commerce. This award recognizes Accenture’s Quantum Fiber experience that handles complex telco use cases. The solution was built using B2C Commerce + Communications Cloud, bringing together the best of Commerce Cloud’s capabilities with Revenue Cloud and Order Management. 

Best for Personalization 

As the winner of the Best for Personalization Award, Algolia builds experiences for digital commerce sites. Using AI-powered search, recommendations, and discovery, Algolia specializes in providing secure and compliant shopping environments for consumers. Quick to implement and developer friendly, the Algolia platform received the award for giving Salesforce Commerce customers a powerful AI-enabled headless search and discovery platform to help with growing cart size and conversion rates.

Future of the Store 

As a modern digital solution for Point of Sale (POS), PredictSpring translates the best parts of in-person shopping for digital channels. PredictSpring provides a single source of truth for commerce brands to manage in-store and ecommerce channels. As an omnichannel commerce platform and the tied winner for the Future of the Store Award, PredictSpring has built a robust and secure integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud that includes features like user account management, real-time user cart synchronization, and checkout. 

The second winner of the Future of the Store Award, Threekit, is modernizing commerce with 3D product visuals and augmented reality across multiple industries. As demand for ecommerce continues to evolve and grow, brands are working with Threekit and Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enable a more dynamic buying experience where customers can do real-time customization with interactive 3D Augmented Reality, and Virtual Photography. 

Best Business Transformation 

Bent on “building trust for today and tomorrow,” PwC has undergone a radical business model shift that easily deserves the Best Business Transformation Award for its implementation of the largest and most complex cross-cloud use cases. This work brought together a full Lead-to-Cash process, which integrated multiple clouds into a single, global Salesforce organization. PwC provides audit services with a focus on transparent reporting, risk mitigation, and high-quality work. PwC believes firmly in cultivating client trust via forthright and accurate tax reporting and has revolutionized the way commerce brands communicate this information to customers. 

Best for ISV Innovation 

Recognized in the Best for ISV Innovation Award category, Bambuser pushes the boundaries of contextual commerce with its interactive, live video shopping. Built directly into existing websites, Bambuser provides a customer experience like few others with premium streaming and simultaneous broadcasts across social channels. Bambuser continues to solidify its leadership position by innovating beyond retail and into new industries, including the automotive, food, and grocery spaces.

Best Headless Implementation 

The recipient of the Best Headless Implementation Award, Amplience is a visionary brand that specializes in giving customers the freedom to create digital experiences without limits. Catering to developers and marketers, Amplience provides modern platform architectures based on a customer-centric approach. As a “commerce force multiplier,” Amplience has partnered with 64 Labs to build a PWA Kit accelerator that helps customers implement headless into their business models and decrease time to market with pre-built framework and CMS integration.

Best for Fulfillment 

Bringg excels in offering unified delivery and fulfillment cloud solutions for commerce brands everywhere. Tied for the Best for Fulfillment Award, Bringg creates innovative models by connecting supply chain technology, people, and providers. Bringg received the award for providing a solution that delivers and fulfills same-day orders and includes a complete last-mile solution for pickup and delivery options. It also offers a more frictionless checkout experience through real-time order updates and post-delivery feedback.

Founded in 2012 by a retail veteran, Narvar is also recognized with the Best for Fulfillment Award. Specializing in post-purchase experiences, Narvar provides a solution for commerce companies to easily plug in to carriers to provide shopper delivery estimates and real-time order shipment updates. Using a mix of predictive delivery dates and contextual tracking experiences, Narvar also helps with streamlining return and exchange shipment processing and tracking, driving noticeable conversion increases for its partners through better retention and LTV rates.

Best for Early Salesforce Commerce Win 

Chargent has the potential to significantly disrupt the commerce industry with automated payment tools that integrate directly with Salesforce products. With its fast revenue collection, improved security, and Automated Collections feature, Chargent streamlines complex financial systems for commerce brands. As one of two winners of the Best for Early Salesforce Commerce recognition, Chargent’s payment gateway integrations with Cybersource and PayTrace were able to help fill much needed customer solution gaps. 

As the other award winner of Best for Early Salesforce Commerce, Coveo makes tech stacks smarter by using out-of-the-box integrations to drive better search relevance and product discovery across the customer journey. With its market-leading AI-powered search recommendations and advanced search capabilities, Coveo received customer and industry accolades for its B2B Commerce and B2B2C Commerce services – meeting every need regardless of business size, industry, or complexity. 

Best Up and Coming 

Fenom Digital can add the Best Up and Coming Award to its growing list of accomplishments. With a team of specialists skilled in end-to-end customer experiences, Fenom Digital accelerates companies with its proven methodologies. Its consulting services help elevate the experience of its customers and deliver a truly industry-changing shopping experience for retail and CPG businesses.

Best Go Faster with Commerce 

As the Best Go Faster with Commerce Award recipient, OSF Digital helps brands seamlessly create an entire digital transformation journey based on high-quality performance and speed. OSF Digital won this award because of its commitment to innovation in industries like manufacturing, retail, grocery, automotive, and insurance. Its solutions also guide customers in potentially complex purchase journeys when they don’t otherwise know how or where to begin.

Best Mobile or Headless 

The winner of the Best Mobile or Headless Award has stayed remarkably busy over the past few years. Publicis Sapient offers commerce organizations a little bit of everything, including technology and engineering solutions, platforming, experience design, and strategic consulting to its varied clients. With an emphasis on adaptability, Publicis Sapient fuses startup thinking and agile methodology to digitally transform business models. Some of its specialties include handling the multiple-phase launches of new brands and mobile applications and its unique implementation of GraphQL, GraphQL federation, microservices and SFCC services.

Best Service Star/Agile OMS 

Red Van Workshop has delivered the most Order Management implementations over the past two years. With its commitment to client success and quality work, it’s no surprise that Red Van Workshop won the Best Service Star/Agile OMS Award. Specializing in client developer training, Red Van Workshop has excelled in getting commerce companies up to speed on the latest Commerce Cloud technology.

Please join the Salesforce team in congratulating these very deserving winners of the Commerce Partner Awards on their contributions to the commerce industry. To learn more about Salesforce as a commerce solution, please visit our site.

Kelly Thacker is a deeply driven and creative marketing leader with a passion for storytelling and superpower in building customer-centric, high-performing teams. She has over 15+ years of experience in global go-to-market strategy, brand building, product positioning, messaging, packaging, pricing, and competitive differentiation. She's a respected and enthusiastic leader adept at leading GTM strategies that drive business impact and growth. Founder of The James Project, a nonprofit venture in India, and Banau, a nonprofit venture in Nepal.

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