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Digital Transformation

Salesforce Conference Connects Marketers, Commerce and Digital Pros With In-Person and Digital Experiences

We've reimagined Connections, finding new ways to bring the learning, networking, inspiration (and fun!) to you, wherever you are.

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2020 challenged Salesforce to bring a beginner’s mind to an all-digital world. As a company known for dynamic, one-of-a-kind events, we had to connect with our communities in new ways. So we experimented with virtual. Program length, flow, guest lineup — nothing was off-limits, and we learned a lot along the way. For example, in a world of “Zoom fatigue,” shorter segments are easier to absorb online. How-to content reigns supreme as marketers, commerce professionals, and digital leaders learn to create seamless experiences on the fly. “Brain breaks” like a two-minute yoga session between segments keep everyone’s energy up. And musical numbers aren’t just for concerts!

Now that parts of the world are opening up, we have even more opportunities to innovate. We’re bringing back live audiences, safely, where it makes sense. We’re continuing to meet people where they are with interactive and on-demand experiences. But through it all, we’re always aiming to inspire you.

Connections is designed to help marketers, commerce professionals and digital leaders and practitioners excel in a digital-first world.

This is the spirit we’re bringing to this year’s Connections conference. Taking place on June 2, Connections will kick off with a small in-person audience and interactive elements and feature on-demand sessions you can access long after the live experience is over. Programming will cover everything from changes in customer behavior to the technology you need to deliver on their expectations, and much more. Even better? You can consume all of this content from anywhere.

Connections is designed to help marketers, commerce professionals, and digital leaders and practitioners excel in a digital-first world. 

Special guests include visionary leaders like Align Technology and Kellogg’s. You’ll have the chance to connect with peers and Trailblazers around the globe. Plus, your free admission includes access to curated playlists with 30+ episodes to help you grow your digital presence and, of course, show-stopping entertainment. 

Get ready for a day of connections and community

We’ve reimagined Connections from its traditional, multi-day format to flex with our digital world. Tune in to live broadcasts and join real-time conversations as they fit your schedule, then download on-demand content to enjoy with your morning coffee, listen to on your evening walk, or anytime in between. Experience Connections your way, at your pace.  

Take a look at what’s in store:

Special broadcast: get more from digital, from anywhere

Tune in live for the main show hosted by Salesforce CMO Sarah Franklin and get inspired by Trailblazers from Rocket Mortgage and Herman Miller. Learn about the new business mandate for delivering amazing customer experiences, and how to succeed from anywhere.


Enjoy rock, hip-hop, pop, blues — and a performance by a special musical guest.

Interactive learning

Join live discussions, Q&A, and demos led by Trailblazers and product experts especially for marketing, commerce, and digital leaders and practitioners. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in live community discussions called Circles of Success, hosted by Salesforce customer success experts.


This is the beating heart of Connections — learning from each other, meeting people, and celebrating with your Trailblazer community. Join us for a TwitterSpaces after party on June 3 featuring special guests and live conversations you can experience from anywhere.

Episodes on demand

Dive into the business themes you face in your role every day and absorb the content at your own pace. Immerse yourself in topics like digital transformation, data and artificial intelligence (AI), holiday retail strategy, and B2B engagement, then use what you learn to try something new. Read on for a closer look at each topic.

Skill up on the topics you care about most

This year’s on-demand learning content will be organized into these four themes, with each theme featuring thought leadership and how-to sessions:

1. Going Digital

The pandemic has elevated customer expectations of a brand’s digital capabilities — no matter what business you’re in. These sessions will help you deliver best-in-class omni-channel experiences and adopt the new standard for digital engagement. Learn the ways that small businesses and larger industries like financial services, pharmaceutical and tech are adapting, and see how Salesforce transformed its own digital experiences to be more customer-centric.

As the world reopens, retailers expect a huge holiday season. At Connections, you’ll learn how other retailers are preparing, including personalized messaging and headless commerce.

2. 360 View

The world is shifting from cookies to new ways of targeting and measuring marketing. Meanwhile, consumers want more value in exchange for their data. Learn how to create a marketing analytics strategy with first-party data, and use Salesforce to activate it. Plus, you’ll get guidance on building a single source of truth for customer information, incorporating AI into your programs, and designing a loyalty management strategy.

3. Peak Season

In just a few years, Cyber Monday went from a one-day event to an entire season. And as the world reopens, the retail industry is anticipating a huge shopping spree this fall. Start planning your holiday strategy by learning how other retailers are preparing for the peak season. Explore innovations in personalized messaging and headless commerce. And build your platforms, team, and processes to handle anything the internet throws at you.

4. B2B Excellence

In these sessions, our Trailblazers will unpack the B2B strategies that put your buyer at the heart of every interaction. Learn new ways to connect with internal partners and ramp up your account-based marketing strategy using a “crawl-walk-run” approach. Check out the road map for building a real-time personalization program that scales. And embrace a hybrid selling model your sales team can get behind.

Join us at Connections, the brand experience of the year. Register today and invite a friend or two. We can’t wait to see you there.

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