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Wednesday Agenda: Your Day 3 of Connections ‘19

Wednesday Agenda: Your Day 3 of Connections ‘19

It's the last day of Connections '19 but there's still a lot to do today. Here are your highlights.

By the end of today, you’ll have a full picture of what the future of customer engagement looks like. Yesterday, you heard about our Customer 360 plans, as well as how marketing and commerce teams can work together to put customers front and center. Today you’ll round out that knowledge by adding in customer service to create happy, loyal customers. Even though it’s the last day of Connections, we’ve still got a lot to do.

Can’t make it to Chicago? Watch from anywhere on Salesforce LIVE.

1. Creating human-centric service in the service keynote

With customer expectations higher than ever, many companies turn to artificial intelligence-powered tools to transform how people engage with brands. While AI tools like chatbots and case prioritization can help service teams connect with customers in impactful ways, it’s not without pitfalls. Ultimately, companies need to figure out how to leverage these technologies, while creating more human, empathetic, and relationship-based experiences. Join us to see how Trailblazers like ASICS are using Salesforce to make service experiences more human.

2. Learn about the new standards for customer engagement

As new technology and business models redefine customer engagement, companies race to meet and exceed expectations for personalized, fast, and connected experiences. What’s more, today’s customers are taking a closer look at the trustworthiness of brands, further upping the ante. Join best-selling author and Salesforce’s Growth & innovation Evangelist Tiffani Bova for a data-driven perspective on how to delight today’s discerning customers. You’ll also get a first peek into brand new data from a study over 8,000 consumers and B2B buyers worldwide and walk away inspired about how to transform your business.

3. Finish up your Quest

We hope you’ve been Questing during Connections, especially since completing your Quest unlocks a prize AND a $10 donation to support Smile Train. When you’ve finished, head to the Trading Post located in the Campground to pick up a select prize — don’t forget to bring your badge to redeem each prize.

There’s still time to get started: Download the Salesforce Events app, login, and tap “Play Now.”

4. Find your zen with Muse Mindfulness

Leave Connections refreshed and ready to take back all of your learnings to your team. At the Mindfulness Room (Level 1, Room 175A) you’ll be able to connect with Muse Mindfulness. Try out their technology-enhanced meditation products to relieve stress, and improve relaxation and mental performance. Muse translates your mental activity into the guiding sounds of weather to help you find focused calm. Busy mind? You’ll hear stormy weather, signaling you to refocus on breathing. Calm mind? Nothing but peaceful weather in your ear.

5. Take one last stroll around the Customer Success Expo

Make it a point to take one last walk around the expo; maybe there was an exhibitor you wanted to chat with again, or maybe you wanted to see a product in more depth after hearing about it in a session. Whatever the case, take the opportunity to visit the expo before it closes at 2:00 p.m.

Don’t forget to check out the action for yourself on Salesforce LIVE and follow along on @salesforce and @dreamforce.

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