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How to Grow Your Business Using Sales Cloud

How to Grow Your Business Using Sales Cloud

RL Solutions has used the Salesforce platform to increase visibility across departments, make their data actionable, and in turn, quadrupled growth in seven years.

It can be hard to build a business in today’s complex and high-stakes marketplace. Industries are heavily regulated and often lacking the innovation needed to flourish. Only 24% of all companies are experiencing growth year-over-year, according to data by the State of Sales Report.

RL Solutions is a healthcare software company that helps organizations manage patient safety and quality, redefining how people experience healthcare. By focusing on business processes and equipping teams with the best possible solutions, they’ve had quadruple growth in only seven years. This record growth puts them squarely in that covetable 24% of high growth companies.

Brian Cohen, Director of Corporate Information Systems at RL Solutions reflects on the journey, “When we started with Salesforce, we were about a 60-person company and here we are now with over 400 people.”


How can your organization support growth?


1. Identify growth blockers


A big roadblock to continuous growth is a lack of coordination and visibility across departments. Over time, it becomes more difficult to make business decisions with a siloed approach. It is important to identify inefficiencies that exist throughout your organization in order to address them head-on.

For RL Solutions, they needed a single solution to increase visibility across departments and make data actionable. Their Sales, Marketing, Services, and Operations teams all used their own technology systems and processes, and their inability to collaborate and share data slowed down sales cycles and limited upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


2. Resist the temptation of quick fixes and point solutions


It is easy to identify one pain point and implement a one-off quick fix “solution.” Understanding the long game and looking holistically at your business can help decide what solution will work with your business as your company grows.

One of the reasons RL Solutions decided to partner with Salesforce was because they wanted to invest in a platform that went well beyond sales and could grow along with them. To increase transparency and intra-company collaboration, RL Solutions made Salesforce the single source of truth for anything that pertained to their customers across all departments and functions. By making every team a Salesforce stakeholder, they’ve invested in building out the platform, increased company-wide adoption, and generated knockout results including, but not limited to:

  • Increased closed-won opportunities from webinars by 75% with automated nurture emails
  • Reduced quote generation time from 90 minutes to 20 minutes and decreased the time to create order forms to only 5 minutes
  • Increased their Net Promoter Score by 10.6x and now every team has full access to info about customer health, open tickets, and community activity


3. Innovate to overcome new growth blockers


Consistent innovation leads to growth, that’s why you should never stop seeking out new ways to equip your teams with the best tools to succeed. It’s not just innovation for buzzword’s sake, by practicing innovation you’re scanning the horizon to spot blockers that can hold back growth. After identifying issues, then clearing those away with innovative tools and processes — you’ll free your teams to rocket to the next level.

Want to learn more about RL Solutions’ journey? Check out the webinar, “Don’t Just Beat Your Quota, Exceed It with RL Solutions” on-demand or visit


Ryane Bohm

Ryane Bohm is a senior product marketing manager at Salesforce in San Francisco. She is also the author of Industrial Internet of Things for Developers, published by Wiley in 2017. Connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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