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Commerce Innovation Series: Why 62% of Millennials Want Visual Search over Any Other Search Technology

Commerce Innovation Series: Why 62% of Millennials Want Visual Search over Any Other Search Technology

We're on the brink of a visual search wave where snapping a picture rather than typing words into a little box will be the norm for finding what you're looking for when shopping. Learn how you can take steps to make visual search a reality for your brand.

This is the first in a series of blog posts on our latest commerce innovations and how they’ll change the game for you and your customers.

Once the average shopper remembers that snapping a pic rather than typing words into a little box is a far easier — and more accurate — way to find what they’re looking for, there’ll be no turning back. 

We’ll soon forget the days of guessing exact keywords and then scrolling through dozens — if not hundreds — of products to find a desired item when shopping online. With visual search, you just need your camera to get the quickest, most accurate product search results. It’s no surprise that sites and retailers like Pinterest, Google, Amazon, ASOS, eBay, Home Depot, and Forever 21 are making the investment in visual search.

But despite the available technology, most brands and customers haven’t fully embraced the power of the picture — yet. While there are about one billion visual searches each month, it’s a small slice compared to the hundreds of billions of text searches overall.

While visual search may still be in its relative infancy, there are clear indications that the way we search is about to change:


Let me show you how you can take steps to make visual search a reality for your brand.

Our latest pilot: Bringing visual search to your site

Einstein Visual Search is our latest AI-powered pilot feature that enables searching, shopping, and discovery through photos. This intelligent, image-based search capability makes everything — from fashion to home furnishings — much easier to find and buy.

When shoppers see an item they want, they simply “snap and search” by uploading a picture or a screenshot from their mobile phone to find the same product or most relevant option available based on the image uploaded.

Visual search stimulates searching in the moment, anywhere your shopper is. It also unlocks other use-cases, in mobile apps, with store associates, and more!

Availability: Commerce Cloud Einstein Visual Search is currently in pilot and is projected to be generally available late 2019. Pricing will be announced at that time.


Pilot customer spotlight: Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor, a brand celebrated for bold prints, plays on texture, and sophisticated silhouettes, is an early adopter. Shoppers can act on a moment of shopping inspiration using their mobile camera. See a dress you simply have to have? In a (literal) snap, you can find the product on Rebecca Taylor’s website within seconds. No guessing product names. No fumbling to type on a small screen. No wasted time.


This truly is a search revolution.


What’s next

Changing shopper behavior remains the biggest challenge facing visual search. People just aren’t used to searching with an image, and it will take time to shape this behavior, which is ironic since we’re such visual creatures. We plan to further evolve this technology to make it more sophisticated and intelligent in the future.

One thing I am sure of: you should be prepared for visual search to grow exponentially because the bottom line is this: It’s the easiest way for customers to find what they’re looking for and, once they “see” it, they’ll never look back.


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