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Level Up as a Salesforce Partner

An illustration showing two businesspeople looking at charts and data of how to increase their Salesforce sales success as a partner.
Maximize the value of your partnership by unlocking a world of resources to drive sales success, expand your customer base, and thrive in a competitive marketplace. [ Nuthawut / Adobe Stock ]

Tap into these partner resources for future sales success.

When our partners succeed, we succeed. As a trusted partner, you have a chance to unlock Salesforce’s sales assets, intellectual property, best practices, customer stories, tailored coaching, and our pitching methodology. This is everything we give to our internal Salesforce sales teams, delivered in an interactive and engaging format.

“Our partners play a critical role in helping our customers scale capabilities, innovate, and succeed with Salesforce,” says Steve Corfield, EVP of Salesforce Global Alliances, Channels and Emerging Products.

Start learning with Partner Learning Camp

Explore the primary learning destination and expand your sales and technical capabilities to meet customer needs now and in the future.

Growing the partner services opportunity

Salesforce made some major changes this year to streamline go-to-market solutions. The first big change is technology and product innovation. Gone are the days of cloud siloing and selling thousands of SKUs. Now we’re selling suites of products that are designed to meet the needs of specific audiences. The focus on audience personas allows us to produce more integrated offerings and give customers opportunities to unlock the full Salesforce Customer 360.

Now, it’s easier than ever to sell across Customer 360. That means increased revenue and reduced customer attrition for partners. There is a significant multiplier effect when a customer has more than one cloud. As their Salesforce engagement increases, you can also see a marked decrease in attrition.

Partners are key to customer success. When our partners are strategically engaged in the sales cycle:

  • Win rates are 36x higher
  • The average sales price is increased 2x
  • Partners implement on average 4.5x the license revenue through their services with our customers

“Partners that deliver faster value, innovation, and growth unlock the type of trust from our customers that leads to deeper relationships,” says Corfield. 

Grow your Salesforce sales capabilities to fuel your success

True sales success is not just about meeting quotas or making quick transactions. It is about building strong, enduring relationships with customers. This means understanding their unique needs and providing tailored solutions that add value and solve business challenges. 

Salesforce has a wealth of resources to support you no matter your selling role. Choose from bite-size interactive webinars to on-demand courses in Partner Learning Camp (PLC). Available to all Salesforce partners, these resources are designed to help you drive sales success throughout the customer lifecycle. 

Demand Generation: Learn the value of Salesforce and gain insight into unique buyer personas with Sales Messaging 101 webinars. Then, further your knowledge in the webinar, Building Pipeline and Qualifying Leads. You’ll learn how to understand your customer’s pain points, engage their decision makers, and progress the opportunity forward.

Deal Progression: Once you have a healthy pipeline of leads, it’s time to excel at pitching. Sales Kickstart offers a full masterclass to help you perfect your pitch. Over three half-days, Kickstart offers one-on-one coaching to shape your pitch framework, help you tell customer stories, and sell across Customer 360. This training is also available on-demand in PLC. 

Repeatable Go-To-Market: Individuals who demonstrate sales leadership in the partner ecosystem may be invited to become a Salesforce Sales Champion. It’s an opportunity to get access to one-on-one coaching, pitch preparation, and feedback. In its third year, Salesforce has helped its elite group of Champions source millions of dollars of pipeline. Champions guide customers on the right technology choices for success and help them overcome business and market challenges.

Get rewarded for submitting leads

Close deals faster and at a higher rate, unlock partner benefits, earn referral fees, and build a strong partnership with Salesforce.

Complement your capabilities with technical and marketing resources 

Extend the impact of your Salesforce sales capabilities by tapping into the following resources. By doing so, you’ll build your technical capabilities, access marketing resources and training, and learn how to reach your customers at the right time and place.

Build Technical Expertise: Access courses and curricula to advance your technical capabilities. Dive into the training available through Trailhead, Trailhead Academy, Salesforce credentials, and Partner Learning Camp. Access role-specific courses, such as workshops delivered by solution engineers, for solution engineers. 

Reach Your Customers at the Right Time and Place: The Partner Marketing Center is a library of free marketing and sales materials to help you drive demand. Access free, pre-built, customizable content based on the buyer persona. You’ll find resources like campaign playbooks, email copy, sales decks, call scripts, and more. 

The AppExchange Marketing Program can help you generate demand, drive customer success, and enhance visibility. Plus you’ll get turnkey co‑marketing opportunities with Salesforce. 

Accelerate Grow can offer you more hands-on coaching. This 9-week virtual accelerator program can help you go to market faster and scale your company’s success. You’ll have access to tailored listing reviews, interactive expert-led sessions, and on-demand learnings.

Expand Your Resell Operations: Resellers can get a behind-the-scenes view on forecasting, reporting, and the operational side of running the business. This is available as a Resell Bootcamp (which includes Sales Kickstart) or as a standalone Resell Operations Workshop.  

As a Salesforce partner, your sales excellence drives company excellence. You can maximize the value of your partnership by unlocking a world of resources to drive sales success, expand your customer base, and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Salesforce is blazing a path towards $50 billion in revenue by 2026. We are the fastest growing top-five enterprise software company, and our partners are critical to that growth. They extend the functionality of the platform with customized apps, and help customers implement technology. Together with our partners, we grow, innovate, and invest in ways that help customers transform their businesses.

Sheth Sanket
Sheth Sanket Global Vice President of Partner Sales Success

Sheth Sanket is the Global Vice President of Partner Sales Success at Salesforce. His team helps partners grow their business, and guides customers to make the best technology decisions that drive innovation. Previously, Sheth led global partner practice development at MuleSoft, which was acquired by Salesforce in 2018. Before that, he spent a decade in all roles across consulting. He started his career in supply chain and port logistics, building three successful global practices. Known for his ability to execute ideas at the pace of a startup, Sheth is passionate about driving innovation and customer success

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