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Deliver Impactful and Proactive Field Service With Innovation

Deliver Impactful and Proactive Field Service With Innovation

See how Lippert Components embrace new trends and Salesforce technology to mobilize their workforce to deliver better field service.

You can’t avoid it. It’s top of mind for every business: adapt or be left behind.

Not every company welcomes this new digital era with open arms. With technology continually changing, it can be intimidating for established businesses to change systems and processes they’ve spent years fine-tuning. But it must be done — Fourth Industrial Revolution innovations have left customers wanting smarter, connected experiences in both their personal and professional lives.

So how can companies meet the expectations of connected customers and an evolving workforce? For starters, they must embrace new trends and technology like mobilizing their workforce to deliver better service. And it seems that this is a top priority for many service teams. According to the State of Service research findings, 84% of service decision-makers cite mobile service offerings as a high or moderate priority in the next two years.

Lippert Components embraces a mobile lifestyle

Lippert Components, a 60-year-old recreational vehicle (RV) component company, decided to do exactly that: make their customers’ and field technicians’ lives easier by transforming field service.

With innovation as part of Lippert Components’ DNA, they had a unique challenge – how to ensure customers are making memorable and meaningful experiences while on the road. (In fact, creating memorable experiences is one of their core values!) “We want RV owners to have a seamless, carefree experience. Not memories of waiting for someone to come fix something that broke while they were on the road,” explains Michael Rupchock, Director of Customer Experience Technology.

The company realized they needed to arm field teams with modern tools to deliver the most impactful and proactive service. From a paper schedule to a paperwork order to paper payment processing — paper dominated the field technicians’ day causing a disjointed fleet of field technicians.

With the apparent need for a digital transformation, Lippert looked for a solution that would increase the speed in which technicians would arrive at remote locations, while also informing them which part needed to be fixed before they arrived. 

Enter Field Service Management

Whether it’s RV manufacturers, dealers, or retail customers, Lippert knew they needed a solution that could smartly handle mobile service and get to their customers quickly and efficiently. 

The team understood the importance of connecting with customers, so they developed an app to deliver more efficient service. As Lippert branded vans drive around different campgrounds, RV adventurists can request service with a tap of a button on their mobile device. With smarter mobile service, they get more efficient service quicker and back to their vacation faster.

Keeping up with customers: Mobilized workforce responds fast

When powered with a connected back office, RVs are now serviced faster since frontline mobile workers are empowered with the right tools at the right time to deliver an exceptional service experience to customers. This is extremely important since Lippert — as the leading supplier of components ranging from towing to leveling to chassis to slide-outs, windows, and more — is committed to aiding customers in their recreational pursuits.

“If a customer calls, we’ll know who they are, where they’re calling from, and which Lippert product they’re calling about. This cuts down about 30% of the call time needed before Field Service Lightning,” reveals Jessica Hanyzewski, Lippert’s CRM solutions lead.

lippert components employees on shipping floor

Even with all this transformation, they’re still not done. When asked where Lippert sees themselves in 10 years and how they think they’ll transform again, Hanyzewski perfectly responds, “We shouldn’t be able to predict that. We need to be fluid and ready. If we could predict the trends, we wouldn’t be innovative.”

Acclimating to new technology can be an adventurous trail, but Lippert Components has proved that it can – and must be – done. Now equipped with a digital mobile workforce, they are seamlessly connecting with their customers to ensure they safely reach their favorite destinations.

Learn how Salesforce Field Service Management can help your business deliver better service everywhere.

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Emily Kofsky Sr. Director, Salesforce Field Service Product Marketing

Emily Kofsky is Sr. Director, Salesforce Field Service Product Marketing. She’s led both Product and Marketing teams focusing on Contact Center Solutions, Go to Market, Insights, Demand Generation, and Brand at Salesforce, Tesla Energy (formerly SolarCity), and PepsiCo. She’s passionate about innovation in Energy, Manufacturing, Retail, and Consumer Goods

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