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Marketing Cloud April 2019 Release Is Live

Marketing Cloud April 2019 Release Is Live

Salesforce Marketing Cloud April 2019 release has enhanced capabilities such as more customer data insights, engagement personalization, and cross-channel features.

The latest Marketing Cloud release is now live! With each release, Salesforce Marketing Cloud builds on our promise to provide a secure and simplified platform that delivers more personalized and integrated customer journeys while enabling customers to work smarter with new levels of data insights.

With these new capabilities, you can learn more about your customer, personalize interactions to drive engagement, and engage with customers across every channel.

Watch the New Feature Overview webinar to learn more about new product updates with insight from Salesforce experts.

For further details, see:

New feature highlights

Marketing Cloud Setup

Our refreshed console is ready to manage administration, platform tools, and settings. A new, simple search bar allows administrators to quickly navigate their account setup, getting them up and running with Marketing Cloud faster than ever before. Learn More.



Advertising Studio Integration with Google Customer Match

Users can now match their data to Google using more than just email, including mobile ID, phone number, address (first name, last name, zip code, country code), and user ID to help to increase match rates and improve marketing. Learn More.



Einstein Engagement Frequency

Find the optimal range of emails that your subscribers will engage with. Then use this data to adjust the amount for those who receive too many or those receiving too few. Learn more.



Interaction Studio: Batch Decisions

Users can now invoke real-time decisions from Automation Studio to orchestrate consistent next best offers, conversations, or messages. Learn more.



Mobile Integration with Journey Builder and Content Builder

Build and preview messages for your customer’s cross-channel journey all within one canvas. See how mobile messages will render at the subscriber-level with confidence. Learn more.



Marketing Cloud Email Connector for Audience Studio

We now offer a connector to automatically ingest interaction-level email data to the Audience Studio and apply sophisticated segmentation to improve targeting in Journey Builder. Learn more.



Datorama Connector for Marketing Cloud Email

An enhanced connector between Datorama and Email Studio features robust email data to help marketers integrate email data alongside the rest of their data and measure the impact of email. This integration comes with an app that visualizes email data instantly in a pre-packaged dashboard, providing automated insights into performance. Learn More.



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