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Improve the Many Ways You Can Market From Home

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Our new webinar series, shows marketers how to continue growing their business — while working remotely.

Recently, the National Bureau of Economic Research found that up to 37% of U.S. jobs can be performed from home, spanning across industries. Because today’s marketers mainly work online or through digital channels, they can count themselves as part of this group.

However, this was put to the test a few months ago when business models pivoted, forcing marketers to rethink months of work within days. In spite of the staggering demands to shift, they have the unique opportunity to support their customers and communities in new ways — all from their homes. Moving forward requires expeditious planning and execution, vigorous collaboration, and open feedback loops.

To help companies traverse these changes, we launched a new Marketing From Home webinar series. It shows how marketers can guide their communities and move toward the next phases of going back to the office and growing the business.

In this webinar series, we cover topics to help you navigate with confidence, such as:

  • Building customer communication journeys
  • Reimagining digital events
  • Engaging employees
  • Creating a measurement strategy and marketing system of record

In our latest episode, we cover how brands are using real-time personalization to maintain connections. Here’s an overview of what each webinar addresses:

How to build journeys for customer communications from home

Unlock the art and science behind building journeys for customer communications. Learn the overall best practices and get tips on the journey design process. We will teach you how AI-powered tools can help your team make data-driven decisions, test assumptions, and deliver a personalized customer experience.

How to run a virtual event from home

Learn how to maximize your customer engagement with virtual event programming. In this webinar, hear from Salesforce experts on how to successfully create unique virtual events for your customers and prospects – including tips on attendee engagement, production tools, and metrics.

Also, check out our top lessons and tips from turning World Tour Sydney into a virtual event in just 10 days.

How to create a marketing measurement strategy from home

Whether it’s in response to current events or changing consumer expectations, marketers need to be equipped to adapt quickly. Learn how to create a measurement strategy and marketing system of record. Not only can this help you navigate uncertain times with confidence, you can also position your marketing plans as a pillar for business growth.

Take a look at our Marketing Intelligence Report and Marketing Intelligence & Analytics Trailhead Module to gain insights for your marketing team.

How to use marketing technology to engage your employees

Creating a sense of belonging and keeping your employees engaged is a challenge for any organization. Working remotely poses an even greater challenge, and companies are searching for new ways to connect. We will show you how to use Marketing Cloud to deliver a tailored, data-driven internal communications strategy to keep everyone aligned, connected, and engaged, no matter what part of the world your team is based in.

Learn how you can Navigate the New World of a Virtual Marketer with this curated list of recommended content and best practices for collaborating online, wellness, and tools for productivity.

How brands are using real-time personalization to maintain connections with customers during challenging times

As in-person business interactions diminish, e-commerce and companies across industries must use real-time personalization to preserve important relationships. This means prioritizing digital experiences, a digital-first business approach, and making virtual customer connections. In this webinar, hear how the current business climate compelled marketers at Huckberry and Dermstore to reimagine their discipline, use personalization to communicate effectively, alleviate customers’ pain points, and strengthen customer connections.

Marketing from home is a great opportunity to create new ways to engage employees, connect with customers, and collaborate with your team. This webinar series will help you reimagine the digital experience to strengthen your marketing strategy in times of change.

Jozi Hall

Jozi is a Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce. As a bookseller turned sales person turned marketer, she believes in the importance of storytelling. Jozi loves spending time outdoors and is passionate about environmental justice and equitable access to nature. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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