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7 Ways To Drive Personalization With the October 2020 Marketing Cloud Release

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The latest release includes new data and AI capabilities to support your personalization efforts.

Personalized messaging is a must for today’s all-digital customer. Our latest State of the Connected Customer report proves it. Sixty-six percent of consumers and buyers expect companies to understand their unique needs. More than half (52%) expect offers to always be personalized. And 80% say customer experience is just as important as a company’s products or services.

The Marketing Cloud October 2020 release includes new data and artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing capabilities to support your personalization efforts. Here’s a quick look at the seven new features. To learn more, check out our New Feature Overview webinar, in which Salesforce experts help you understand how to get the most out of each one.

1. Customer 360 Audiences

Our new customer data platform (CDP) is designed to help you capture, unify, segment, and activate all of your marketing data. It provides a single source of truth for your customers so you can use that data to personalize every touchpoint.

Watch a demo, then check out this guide to learn more about CDPs and how to implement one.

2. Einstein for Marketing Cloud enhancements

New AI capabilities help you build smarter messaging journeys and drive engagement with the right timing, channel, and frequency.

  • Einstein Engagement Frequency now directly integrates with Journey Builder and uses a new model to predict the optimal number of emails to send to each of your contacts — in real time. 
  • Einstein Send Time Optimization now supports single-send journeys.
  • Einstein Engagement Scoring is now available for Mobile Push.

Watch a demo, then see how Pacers Sports and Entertainment uses Einstein to engage fans.

3. New Pardot email experience

Pardot users will enjoy a more streamlined and user-friendly email experience powered by the Lightning Platform. Here are just a few of the enhancements:

  • Create email templates and emails in a modern drag-and-drop builder
  • Gather more in-depth metrics on emails sent through Lightning Content Builder
  • Gauge email performance at the send level
  • See aggregated metrics across multiple sends at the email content level

Watch a demo, then see how the B2B marketing team at the National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP)/Be The Match® uses Pardot to deliver the right message at the right time during the pandemic.

4. Interaction Studio: Triggers for Journey Builder

This feature allows you to create audience segments based on your customers’ actions on a website, within an email, on the mobile app, and more — in real time. Plus, segments are activated in Journey Builder to present one-to-one content based on affinities.

Interaction Studio’s affinity modeling and engagement scoring features help you make sense of all the data you’ve accumulated about each person, their level of engagement on your digital properties, and the context of that engagement.

Watch a demo, then learn how a Salesforce Trailblazer used Journey Builder to build relationships with job candidates during a pandemic-related hiring freeze.

5. Sandbox for Datorama

Datorama admins now have a dedicated and secure testing environment to ensure proper data governance. Sandbox for Datorama is an isolated development environment that’s always in sync with production, enabling you to test setup configuration and data changes before implementing them.

Watch a demo, then visit the Datorama blog for a deep dive on this feature’s benefits.

6. Datorama Media Planning Center

Optimize your media budget allocations with advanced planning analytics, and use AI to forecast performance and make data-driven decisions based on past campaigns.

Watch a demo, then see how Datorama solves marketers’ toughest data challenges to deliver mission-critical marketing intelligence.

7. Advertising Studio: LinkedIn Account Matching

With LinkedIn Account Matching, you can reach both known and unknown buyers across your accounts to power your LinkedIn account-based marketing (ABM) at scale. Access new targeting capabilities that combine LinkedIn’s powerful professional data with your own first-party data.

Watch a demo, then learn more about Advertising Studio’s capabilities for 1-1 digital advertising.

Marketing Cloud offers solutions for digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, customer journey mapping, marketing analytics, marketing automation, and B2B marketing to help you personalize customer communications across every digital touchpoint — from anywhere.

Adam Blitzer EVP and GM, Business-to-Consumer CRM

Adam Blitzer is Executive Vice President and General Manager of Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Community Cloud. Prior to joining Salesforce, Blitzer co-founded Pardot, a marketing automation solution that assembles B2B buyer journey data points into actionable insights, enabling marketing and sales teams to sell smarter. ExactTarget acquired Pardot in 2012 for ~$100M and Salesforce acquired ExactTarget in 2013 for $2.5BN.

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