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Discover the Salesforce Associate Certification: An Entry-Level Credential for New Trailblazers

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Understand what a Salesforce Certified Associate is and how it differs from a Salesforce Certified Professional.

Learn how the Salesforce Associate certification helps to validate foundational Salesforce knowledge and how you can get started today.

The demand for digital skills is expected to rise by more than 50 percent by 2025, meaning the future of work will require up-skilling and being ready to take on different or entirely new roles. Preparing for the new world of work is one of the defining business problems of our time. As jobs evolve, so will the skills needed to perform them.

A new cert option for beginner Trailblazers

Salesforce is committed to empowering and validating the expertise of Trailblazers across multiple roles, including those who are new to Salesforce. We recognize that there are individuals looking for opportunities to expand their knowledge and establish themselves as Salesforce professionals.

Our goal is to empower and recognize these individuals, which is why we’re thrilled to announce a new certification type, the Salesforce Associate.

Salesforce Associate Certification

An entry-level credential designed for Trailblazers who are new to Salesforce.

What is a Salesforce Certified Associate?

The Salesforce Associate certification is an entry-level credential designed for Trailblazers who are new to Salesforce (0-6 months of Salesforce experience) and who are invested in understanding and using the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform.

Salesforce Professional certifications, on the other hand, are designed for Trailblazers with a broad range of professional experience and knowledge, skills, and abilities in a specific Salesforce role.

The Salesforce Associate certification does not require maintenance. Instead, certified individuals continue on their learning journey to help them explore Salesforce job roles, career paths, and professional certification offerings.

This certification can help propel new Trailblazers to a career in the Salesforce ecosystem. It will validate foundational Salesforce knowledge and help individuals discover which Salesforce career path they want to follow.

Earn role-based Salesforce credentials

Prove your hands-on experience with Salesforce and gain a competitive edge that leads to new opportunities.

How to become a Salesforce Certified Associate

A Certified Salesforce Associate has a fundamental understanding of how an integrated CRM platform solves the challenge of connecting departments and customer data. It’s also beneficial to have a working knowledge of reporting, user administration, sharing, customization, and data management at a foundational level. There is no technical expertise required.

The Salesforce Associate certification exam is for those with up to 6 months of Salesforce user experience and who want to demonstrate skills in the following areas:

  • How the CRM platform solves the challenge of connecting departments and customer data
  • How Salesforce Customer 360 can solve business challenges
  • Key Salesforce Platform terms
  • Fundamental functionality in the current version of Salesforce at a foundational level, such as requirements gathering, reporting, security, sharing, customization, and data management

Why this new certification matters

Trailblazer and MVP Lizz Hellinga shared her excitement for the launch of a certification designed for those who are just starting their Salesforce journey. She sees value in this credential for two main reasons.

  1. “Firstly, having a high-level understanding of Salesforce is important for many jobs. You don’t need to be on the administrator career path to need Salesforce skills. This fills a gap that was missing.”
  2. “Secondly, this is a great stepping stone for those that want to dive deeper into Salesforce but haven’t had the depth of experience needed to achieve the Admin certification. I teach an Intro to Salesforce City Colleges course with Rebe de la Paz. This exam will help keep students engaged positively while they explore a career in Salesforce. The admin cert is difficult, and this can be a positive stepping stone for them. They may even be able to get a job that includes the usage of Salesforce because of this cert.”

“A Trailblazer does not need to be on a set career path to need Salesforce skills. The Salesforce Associate certification is a valuable stepping stone for those who don’t have the depth of experience needed to achieve a Certified Professional certification and who are looking to start their Salesforce journey.” — Lizz Hellinga, Trailblazer and MVP

The time to get certified is now!

There’s truly no better time to earn a globally-recognized Salesforce certification and prove your experience with Salesforce products! According to the IDC, there will be 9.3 million new Salesforce jobs by 2026. A prior study evaluating job postings between 2013 and 2018 showed that nearly half a million job postings required at least one Salesforce skill.

With the Salesforce Associate certification, you’ll validate your understanding of what Salesforce is and does. You’ll also learn the importance of CRM and the Customer 360 Platform.

If you’re new to Salesforce, it may be challenging to identify which career path is right for you. The Salesforce Associate certification provides an opportunity to build a Salesforce foundation and begin your certification journey, without committing to a particular career path right away.

Which Salesforce career is right for you?

Discover your ideal career in the cloud.

While preparing for this certification, you’ll better understand how Salesforce functions and which career path interests you most. Prove your skills, build confidence, and kick-start your certification journey as a Salesforce Certified Associate.

Get started today

Ready to kick-start your certification journey?

  • Join the Trailblazer Community, where you can collaborate with others and find support. Get help on the trail, join a study group, and connect with Trailblazers from around the globe with similar experiences as you.
  • Prepare for your Salesforce Associate certification exam with the exam guide.
  • Complete the Salesforce Associate certification preparation trailmix. Use this guided path to learn the key concepts you’ll need to demonstrate your skills and earn your certification.

When you’re ready, schedule your exam at a test center or online. You’ve got this!

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Suzanne Veljanoski Director, Salesforce Certifications

Throughout her career, Suzanne has held a variety of positions within the support, enablement, and certification space. Now in her 10th year at Salesforce, she leads a talented team of credential developers who develop and maintain Salesforce Certifications. She is passionate about learning, thinking outside of the box, and getting stuff done. When not at work, you can find her gardening, working out, or on a never-ending quest to find the perfect taco.

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