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4 Ways Slack Can Save Time For Your Growing Business

Woman working on laptop with dog nearby, showing Slack for small business
These Slack tips can help your small business promote overall mental and physical wellness while saving time and money. [iana_kolesnikova | Adobe]

This productivity tool can filter out what you don’t need so that your team can focus on the work that matters.

Running a small or medium-sized business (SMB), you really do need to learn the value of simple hacks that help fine-tune work. And that’s where Slack (searchable log of all conversations and knowledge — S-L-A-C-K!) comes in. It really is the center of productivity for your small business — or any business for that matter. It connects everyone you work with — in your business, your key partners, and customers — and supports the way people naturally work together in real-time, in-person and remote.

So, how is Slack for small business different? It’s not just increased productivity that business owners are after with Slack. There are some great hacks that help promote wellbeing through Slack — for you and your team and colleagues. They can help your growing small business promote overall mental and physical wellness while saving time, too. And, as the research shows, employee wellbeing is good for productivity. 

What is Slack?

Slack is a messaging app that connects people to the information they need. It’s a cloud-based team communication platform developed by Slack Technologies, which has been owned by Salesforce since 2020.

Slack for small business helps you to bring together the right people in one place around a shared goal, project, or initiative to create visibility and alignment across any topic. With access to key information, it’s helpful to have some strategies for focusing on what’s most important to you.

Here are four easy Slack hacks that save time and foster employee happiness. How? They filter out what you don’t need, so you can focus on what does matter. 

What you’ll learn

1. Use Slack channels to stay organized and save time
2. Replace unnecessary meetings with Huddles
3. Schedule messages
4. Remind your team to take regular breaks

1. Use Slack channels to stay organized and save time

One of Slack’s most powerful features is, perhaps, its simplest: Everything you post to Slack is always right there. With channels, you can bring the right people and information together to share ideas, make decisions, and keep teams aligned as you move work forward.

Channels are a great way to stay organized. Just set up a channel for your team (such as #sales-team or #finance-team), invite all of your team members to join, and post important announcements, files, and updates to the channel. Using team channels to communicate announcements, status updates, event/deadline reminders, and the like really helps move work forward faster and create alignment with fewer meetings. 

Instead of a weekly status meeting you can create an automatic workflow that asks team members to share a quick status update at a certain time every week. It’s super easy to get started: Here’s a quick guide that can help set up your channels.

Also, with the new Slack Clips feature, you can record and post audio, video, and screen recordings to communicate easily with your team, regardless of their time zone or location. You can use clips to share ideas and updates, or just to say hello. 

2. Replace unnecessary meetings with Huddles

Huddles are another way to help stop the meeting madness. Hardly anything is as stressful as a full calendar of meetings but with Slack for small business, you can reduce the number of meetings your team has, while maintaining the ability to sync in real time. With one click, you can open an audio connection in your channel, and whoever’s available can hop in for a quick discussion.

With lightweight video, multi-person screen-share capabilities and fun effects, teams can work alongside one another in huddles the same way they would in the office. Plus, conversations are saved in dedicated, searchable threads so anyone who joins can quickly get up to speed.

3. Schedule messages

Scheduling messages to post at a future date and time is a great way to promote peace of mind. Know that your announcement, meeting agenda, or other important message will be delivered to the team right on time, even if you’ll be handling something else or away from the screen at the time. 

Best of all, it’s super easy to do! 

  1. Compose your message like you always do. 
  2. Instead of clicking “Send,” click the downward arrow just to the right of the Send button.
  3. Choose one of the suggested times, or schedule your message to post at a custom time of your choosing.
Slack's built-in schedule message feature allows messages to be sent at the optimal date and time in the future.
Slack’s built-in schedule message feature allows you to send messages at a future time.

That’s it! At the specified time and date, your message will post.

4. Remind your team to take regular breaks

When it comes to cultivating good habits, we all could use a friendly nudge from time to time. Drinking water, stretching, or taking a short walk on a regular basis goes a long way towards wellbeing.

Here’s an easy-to-set-up Slack workflow to post a message to a team channel every day at a given time, with a reminder to take a break. Mentioning a team’s user group will notify everyone:

  1. Download the example.
  2. Navigate to Workflow Builder and select “Import,” then import the file you just downloaded.
  3. Once imported, edit the workflow to suit your team. You can create a custom message, and adjust the publish time and frequency.
  4. Publish and let everyone know you’re looking out for their wellbeing!

At the specified time and date, your message will auto-publish, like this:

Slack's workflow builder automates healthy habit reminders – like drinking water, stretching, or taking a short walk.
Slack’s workflow builder can automate healthy habit reminders.

Hack Slack for small business

Slack for small business is your company’s productivity center. It connects everyone in your business and supports the way you naturally work together. Hacks like these are just the beginning of how you can promote wellbeing — and get more done — using Slack. 

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