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Go to the Sundance Film Festival With Salesforce!

Go to the Sundance Film Festival With Salesforce!

Join Salesforce at the Sundance Film Festival to check out the best indie films and to explore the next installment of the inspirational Make Change event series — this one celebrating music as a platform for change.

Each winter, the Sundance Film Festival brings the best in arts and culture to the Rocky Mountains for a week of film, conversation, and more. In addition to checking out the latest indie films, Salesforce will offer festival-goers an opportunity to attend the next installment of its inspirational Make Change event series — this one celebrating music as a platform for change.

“Our focus with this quarterly series is to celebrate and build a community of people and organizations who, like us, believe that the business of business is improving the state of the world,” said Cristina Jones, Senior Vice President at Salesforce, who launched the series last summer in Los Angeles. “We share these stories to inspire others to ask themselves, ‘What can I do to make change?’ We hope to encourage more people to embark on their own Trailblazer journey that will inspire others."

The event will focus on a particular kind of storyteller — musicians — and those who use their craft to effect change for others. Anne Litt of Los Angeles’ KCRW public radio station will host three fireside chats with some of music’s most compelling changemakers. Anyone can join in on the conversations from home by livestreaming the sessions on Twitter by following @salesforce.

Photo: Anne Litt, KCRW

Here’s the lineup:

  • Friday, January 25, 4:45 p.m. MST – Renowned music photographer and director, Danny Clinch talks about creating some of the most iconic music imagery, integral in documenting the power of music to change lives.
  • Saturday, January 26, 4:45 p.m. MST – Members of Grammy-winning Arcade Fire share how they use music to make change in Haiti to help the most vulnerable families achieve financial autonomy.
  • Sunday, January 27, 4:45 p.m. MST – The legendary Preservation Hall Jazz Band discuss how the power of music helps them drive change within and beyond their community of New Orleans.
Photo: Arcade Fire (left), Danny Clinch (right)

Be part of the action:

  • Join the conversation on social by using the hashtag #MakeChangeSeries on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Submit your questions for Danny Clinch, Arcade Fire, and Preservation Hall Jazz Band! Tweet or DM @Salesforce on Twitter or DM @Salesforce on Instagram. You questions could be answered live!
  • Tell us the change you want to see in the world! Tweet using hashtag #WCWYM (What Change Would You Make) to share your ideas and inspiration!

As with all Make Change events, this one will offer an opportunity for attendees and livestreamers to support nonprofit causes. The event this weekend will raise funds for two nonprofit organizations chosen by the artists who will be joining us. You’re invited to join us in championing these causes:

  • Arcade Fire chose the Kanpe Foundation, bringing support to the most vulnerable families in Haiti to help them achieve financial autonomy.
  • Preservation Hall Jazz Band chose their foundation, which protects, preserves, and perpetuates the musical tradition and heritage of New Orleans.
Photo: Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Mark your calendar, brainstorm some questions, and make sure to join us on Twitter this weekend for what is sure to be three unforgettable conversations about the power of music to change the world.

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