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3 Tools To Help Investment Bankers Deepen Relationships and Manage Deals

Technology can help investment bankers keep information compliant, manage intricate deals, and focus on what they do best — support the client relationship.

invest banker with client financial services tools

If you’re a corporate or investment banker, you need tools that help you deliver relevant and differentiated insights, maximize banker efficiencies, and compliantly manage your deal process. This comes through loud and clear when we talk with our corporate and investment banking customers. We develop and release new features for Financial Services Cloud three times a year to address this feedback and expand our capabilities.

Easily capture meeting notes 

How often do you speak with clients, but the notes you add into your call report aren’t actionable? There’s also no easy way to share them with the client or other team members involved in the deal. 

Interaction Summaries make it easy to capture meeting notes and attendees. Then, by enabling compliant data sharing (more on that in a minute), you can give the right access level to the appropriate people involved in the deal. For example, when meeting about a possible company acquisition, no one outside the deal team will see the notes if  confidential information was discussed. You can then assign action items or next steps to all the appropriate people.  

Another challenge for corporate and investment banks is understanding the full relationship your client has with the bank. You can associate Interaction Summaries with accounts and opportunities to gain insights on prior client interactions. This gives you better context before meeting with the client. While other banks research client information from the same public sources, you’ve got a hard line on your client’s true needs. For example, you can see that your client mentioned opening a second line of credit to someone else at the bank. This knowledge means you’ll know to reach out when interest rates drop.

Gain control with Compliant Data Sharing

Following privacy regulations and company policies when sharing confidential client or deal data is critical. Failing to do so can result in large fines. Providing access to the specific client or deal data to the right bankers had been a manual process which was hard to control. 

Compliant Data Sharing allows users to maintain compliance by ensuring client or deal data containing material non-public information (MNPI) is only shared with relevant stakeholders. You define which client-related data to share with specific users based on their assigned roles in the context of an account or opportunity. For example, you can designate analysts only receive “read-only” access. An analyst added to that account or opportunity receives automatic (and compliant) “read-only” access.

Manual compliance processes are slow and cumbersome for bankers and compliance managers. But, with the embedded Compliant Data Sharing, it’s easy to secure and share sensitive information with the right people at the right time.

Drive contextual action with client insights

A singular data view of an individual or business unit limits the ability to present contextual advice. Full visibility into the whole organization and its business units can uncover more opportunities. 

Actionable Relationship Center (ARC) extends the 360-degree customer view to an entire complex organization. Plus, it provides visibility to key internal and external relationships. This complete view helps you understand your client better to provide more relevant insights.

Not only can you see your client’s relationships within the organization, you can also see if coverage teams and specific bankers at your firm are working with the company’s other business units. Collaborating with team members may provide opportunities to help multiple parts of the client’s business. To help visualize, imagine your client, Bob, works for Northern Trail Outfitters, a subsidiary of Alpine Group. You can see he’s connected with Amy who works for  another subsidiary, Alpine Media. You also see your colleague, Dave, is her main point of contact. You can reach out to Dave and pursue a deal that benefits both subsidiaries.

Salesforce continually enhances features and adds new capabilities. These help you win more deal mandates with actionable insights and embedded compliance.

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