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What Is a Trailblazer Community Forum Ambassador?

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Forum Ambassadors are superusers of the online Trailblazer Community who help foster community discussion, share ‌best practices, and offer valuable insights.

Learn about how Trailblazer Community Forum Ambassadors can help answer your pressing Salesforce questions and increase Salesforce ROI.

The Trailblazer Community is a vibrant, global network of people helping each other learn and succeed with Salesforce. You can connect with others eager to share their knowledge and experience. The Community is a great place to meet experts like Salesforce MVPs and Trailblazer Community Forum Ambassadors. These dedicated individuals help troubleshoot issues, provide Salesforce product support, and offer guidance for navigating your Salesforce questions.

Learn what Trailblazer Community Forum Ambassadors are and how they can help you solve Salesforce business challenges.

What is a Trailblazer Community Forum Ambassador?

Trailblazer Community Forum Ambassadors are superusers and stewards of the online Trailblazer Community, a digital space for Salesforce users to connect, ask and answer questions, and build their Salesforce network. They help maintain a healthy and engaged community by sharing their Salesforce expertise, moderating content, and creating a welcoming space for members. 

Forum Ambassadors embody the spirit of the online Trailblazer Community through their:

  • Knowledge: They are Salesforce product experts who hold a minimum of Trailhead Ranger Rank. They provide high-quality answers, create easy-to-understand content, and share product feedback in round tables and listening sessions. 
  • Responsiveness: They are the most engaged members of the online Community, quickly providing the most helpful answers to issues or questions.
  • Leadership: Guided by respect and professionalism, they nurture the community through networking, mentorship, and content moderation. 

Forum Ambassadors are selected annually. Learn more about the Forum Ambassador nomination process.

How Forum Ambassadors build success with Salesforce

Trailblazer Community Forum Ambassadors have helped thousands of Salesforce users speed up their Salesforce implementations and increase their return on investment (ROI). In 2023 alone, Forum Ambassadors answered nearly 50,000 questions in the Trailblazer Community, establishing a comprehensive self-help knowledge base for others encountering similar questions.

Forum Ambassadors play a crucial role in providing Salesforce product knowledge and troubleshooting issues as they arise. They help foster community discussion, share ‌best practices, and offer valuable insights. Jenna Weiner, Salesforce Administrator at AgWest Farm Credit, relied heavily on the Trailblazer Community for product knowledge and a network of enthusiastic people who motivated her early in her career. As a Forum Ambassador, Jenna gives back by guiding others toward solutions in the Community. She not only enjoys being of service but also has broadened her own expertise, reminding her that the learning journey with Salesforce never ends.

Headshot of Jenna Weiner, Trailblazer Community Forum Ambassador

The Trailblazer Community was invaluable when I managed a Salesforce org alone for nearly a decade. Now, as a Forum Ambassador, I find guiding others toward solutions in the Community rewarding.”

Jenna Weiner
Salesforce Administrator at AgWest Farm Credit

Zack Terry, Salesforce Solution Architect at Fast Slow Motion, encourages Trailblazers to use the Trailblazer Community as a resource for solving Salesforce problems. He helps other Salesforce users learn how to think outside the box when maneuvering their most pressing business challenges.

Similarly, Davis Johnson, Salesforce Developer at OpenGate Consulting, has helped hundreds of people overcome their Salesforce obstacles and find solutions. In turn, he’s constantly learning and growing through exposure to new perspectives and ideas he hadn’t previously discovered.

Connect with Forum Ambassadors

Forum Ambassadors are willing and eager to answer all of your Salesforce questions in the online Trailblazer Community. 

Get to know the 30 Forum Ambassadors — send them a message in the Trailblazer Community and introduce yourself. 

You can easily identify a Forum Ambassador by the check mark icon next to their name in the Trailblazer Community.

Profile of Warren Wong, Trailblazer Community Forum Ambassador

Ready, set, get help from the Community

If you’re new to the Trailblazer Community and looking for additional guidance on your journey with Salesforce, the video explains how the Trailblazer Community can help you learn, get answers, and collaborate with other Salesforce users.

With so many topics and groups to explore, where should you begin? Check out three helpful ways to get the most out of your Trailblazer Community experience.

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Bhavin is dedicated to enhancing the digital self-help experience within the Trailblazer Community and building a comprehensive knowledge base for Trailblazers. Outside of his trailblazing efforts, he enjoys quality time with his two boys and the tranquility of camping adventures.

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