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Get a 360° view of success. The world’s most influential leaders reveal practical guidance to drive business forward.

A premium print publication from Salesforce, Vantage Point brings together thoughtfully curated voices on the forefront of change. Each issue shares real stories shaping the future of business—and actionable advice for those leading the charge. 

We’re unpacking the big topics, from inspiring resilient teams to navigating large scale transformations, featuring resources and advice for elevating your business. Our latest issue tackles data: It’s promises and pitfalls. Featuring insights from PWC, BET, Paypal, Etsy, Wunderman Thompson, these executive voices showcase how data can inspire groundbreaking innovation for your organization.

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illustration of Kimberly Evans Paige from BET and Dan Torunian of PayPal

Data-based Decision Making Shapes Media and Finance – What’s Next?

Listen in as execs from Black Entertainment Television (BET) and PayPal discuss how data informs their strategy, shapes their content, and supports their teams.

illustration of Salesforce characters in a forest looking at trees

Why Sustainability Is an Economic Value Prop

This is how leaders can take bold action on the climate crisis and create a sustainable, profitable enterprise.

Woman sitting on a couch at home with notebook and laptop closed

The Invisible Office and the Future of Remote Work

This is how companies are reimagining a new world of work, where the simplistic binary of home and office is obsolete.