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Get a 360° view of success. The world’s most influential leaders reveal practical guidance to drive business forward.

A premium print publication from Salesforce, Vantage Point brings together thoughtfully curated voices on the forefront of change. Each issue is carefully designed to share real stories shaping the future of leadership.

In our debut Teaming issue, we’re sharing proven, groundbreaking solutions that elevate your employee’s experience of your company and inspire resilient, collaborative teams—from anywhere.

Capture the intimate insights from executives at USAA, The Estée Lauder Companies, Herman Miller, and more on how to make the decisions that future-proof your business.

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Companies are looking inward to tackle their next big business challenge: How to build a robust employee experience.

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Building diverse teams requires an honest and self-aware approach to leadership— and sometimes a bit of disagreement.

How To Build Brand Trust, and Why It’s the Ultimate Currency

If leaders visibly, vocally, and measurably build organic trust, employees feel pride and become brand ambassadors, while customers and clients will help live your company’s mission.