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Astro, Codey, Cloudy, and Appy all dressed in iconic Trailblazer hoodies celebrating in a confetti-covered scene
Join us in celebration as we recognize these outstanding members of our community.

Meet the Salesforce MVP Class of 2022 and learn how these outstanding Trailblazers help others succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Once a year, the Trailblazer Community comes together to nominate their Trailblazer heroes to be Salesforce MVPs.

Because of your incredible nominations, we’re thrilled to officially announce the 2022 class of Salesforce MVPs and congratulate returning MVPs. Join us in celebration as we recognize these outstanding members of our community for their product expertise and commitment to helping others succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Who are Salesforce MVPs?

Salesforce MVPs are members of a special network of community experts who go above and beyond to help others succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Whether they’re building successful careers, communities, or companies with Salesforce, they’re dedicated to helping Trailblazers navigate their career journeys, solve complex problems, get certified, make game-changing connections, and even land new jobs.

United by a passion for innovation and love for the Salesforce Platform, Salesforce MVPs embody three key characteristics that drive their success:

  • Expertise: Salesforce MVPs challenge themselves to maintain a strong understanding of the Salesforce Platform and take great pride in sharing their expertise through answering questions on the Trailblazer Community, writing blogs, hosting conference sessions, and more.
  • Leadership: Salesforce MVPs consistently seek opportunities to innovate. They create and contribute to programs that help other Trailblazers blaze trails on their journeys. They lead Trailblazer Community Groups, help underprivileged communities skill up on Salesforce, and participate in programs like Salesforce MVP Office Hours, Trailblazer Mentorship, and Community Conferences.
  • Generosity: Salesforce MVPs are the ultimate connectors and mentors. In addition to maintaining their Salesforce knowledge, they’re always ready to share insights, ideas, and connections to help Trailblazers succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Meet our 2022 Salesforce MVPs!

The contributions of our new and renewed Salesforce MVPs have been nothing short of amazing! We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the amazing product experts and community leaders who make up our 2022 class:

Connect with Salesforce MVPs

Salesforce MVPs are passionate about making lifelong connections with their fellow Trailblazers. Here are just a few ways you can personally connect with the new and renewed class of Salesforce MVPs and Hall of Fame members:

  1. Browse the Salesforce MVP directory
    Check out the profiles of all current Salesforce MVPs and Hall of Fame members to learn about their skills, community activities, and more. You can filter to find experts in specific products or regions, and then connect with them directly on the Trailblazer Community or via their social channels.
  2. Connect with the Trailblazer Community
    Be on the lookout for Salesforce MVPs in Trailblazer Community Groups and Community Conferences—they’re eager to meet you and ready to offer their expertise!
  3. Check out Salesforce MVP Office Hours
    These monthly, open forums are hosted by panels of Salesforce MVPs and are available in various time zones. Anyone is invited to join and bring their questions, comments, or anything in between.
  4. Join the conversation on social
    Check out popular hashtags like #SalesforceMVP, #TrailblazerCommunity, and #Askforce to get the latest updates on the Salesforce MVP program, Trailhead—Salesforce’s free online learning program, and more!

Stay tuned for more announcements

To support the growing Salesforce ecosystem, we’re working on some very exciting updates to the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame, which we’ll announce later this year! We’re excited to enhance how we recognize and celebrate this special group of leaders who have made a lasting impact on the Trailblazer Community through their expertise, leadership, and generosity.

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