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Meet the 2024 Salesforce MVPs and Hall of Fame Members

Codey, Cloudy, and Ruth celebrate the new Salesforce MVPs
Join us in celebration as we recognize these outstanding members of our community.

Let’s celebrate the new Salesforce MVP and Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame Class of 2024 and learn how these outstanding Trailblazers help others succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem.

We’re thrilled to officially announce the new members of the 2024 class of Salesforce MVPs and Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame, and congratulate the returning members. This year, we received nominations from over 50 countries.

Over a 5-month period, the Trailblazer Community team, 50+ internal Salesforce stakeholders, and current Salesforce MVPs spent over 1,000 hours reviewing every nomination submitted‌ ‌to ensure a thorough and inclusive process. Read more about the Salesforce MVP Program pillars and nomination criteria we use when evaluating nominees.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone who submitted a nomination‌. ‌There’s truly no better way to say “thank you” to a mentor, colleague, or changemaker in the Trailblazer Community than by nominating them to become a Salesforce MVP.

Who are Salesforce MVPs?

This year marks our 13th year recognizing those united by a passion for innovation and love for Salesforce. Salesforce MVPs embody three key characteristics that influence their success: expertise, leadership, and generosity.

Salesforce MVPs are critical to driving success with Salesforce at their companies and in their communities. They’re top-notch product experts and community leaders dedicated to helping fellow Trailblazers navigate their career journeys, solve complex business problems, get certified, make game-changing connections, and even land new jobs. They help shape Salesforce product roadmaps, answer countless questions in the community and on social media, write helpful blog posts, lead Trailblazer Community Groups, submit presentation ideas, share best practices, and much, much more.

Meet our ‌Salesforce MVP class of 2024

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to these amazing product experts and community leaders. Let’s welcome our new Class of 2024 Salesforce MVPs.

  • Ashvin Bhatt
  • Christine Priester
  • Emma Keeling
  • Frederique Mounier
  • Hiroki Iida
  • Jeanette Jett
  • Jenh Vo
  • Justyna Krajewska
  • Jyothsna Bitra
  • Kate Lessard
  • Kathleen Waterworth
  • Katka Vokrinkova
  • Kuldeep Sharma
  • Łukasz Bujło
  • Mauricio Alexandre Silva
  • Melissa Shepard
  • Naoko Eiki
  • Neha Nagori
  • Obidjon Komiljonov
  • Sam Wadhwani
  • Steve Simpson
  • Thiriyambaga Sarma Sothinathan
  • Tony Kirumba
  • Yumi Ibrahimzade

Welcome Salesforce MVP class of 2024

Meet our renewed Salesforce MVPs!

Salesforce MVPs aren’t automatically renewed. In fact, renewed members go through the same evaluation process as the new class we’re announcing today.

Salesforce MVPs are only eligible for renewal if they demonstrate the following throughout the year: continued leadership, expertise, generosity, engagement, and professional presence in both the Trailblazer Community and their local communities.

Let’s welcome this year’s renewed class.

  • Aaron Crosman
  • Akash Mishra
  • Aleksandra Radovanovic
  • Andre Van Kampen
  • Andy Engin Utkan
  • Angelica Buffa
  • Ankit Tanejo
  • Asterisk Loftis
  • Barb Dietz
  • Ben LaMothe
  • Bill Kuehler
  • Blanca Leon-Carter
  • Cassie Supilowski
  • Chris Pifer
  • Christine Marshall
  • Cyril Louis
  • Daniel Stange
  • Danielle Laffey
  • Dar Veverka
  • David Carnes
  • Doria Hamelryk
  • Eric Praud
  • Eric Smith
  • Farah Sherif
  • Geoffrey Bessereau
  • Gian Piere Vallejos Bardales
  • Gina Marques
  • Gordon Lee
  • Jacob Brushafer
  • Janet Elliott
  • Joey Chan
  • Johann Furmann
  • Joseph Kubon
  • Kannan Narayanan
  • Kapil Batra
  • Kathleen Lueckeman
  • Kristi Brown
  • Kristin Hubbard
  • Krithika Dharmarajan
  • Lara Black
  • Lilith Van Biesen
  • M Hamza Siddiqui
  • Maham Hassan
  • Manish Thaduri
  • Manoj Nambirajan
  • Mariana Mazzeo
  • Marilo Meta
  • Mateusz Dąbrowski
  • Meera Nair
  • Melissa Hill Dees
  • Michael Grandel
  • Michelle Hansen
  • Nadina D. Lisbon
  • Narender Singh
  • Neetu Bansal
  • Oleh Mykytyn
  • Om Prakash
  • Pat McClellan
  • Patricio Sapir
  • Phaneendra Arigachetta
  • Prag Ravichandran Kamalaveni
  • Quratulain Tariq
  • Rafael Hernandez
  • Rebecca Aichholzer
  • Robert Sösemann
  • Sara Hernandez
  • Shibu Abraham
  • Skye Tyler
  • Swati Taunk
  • Takahito Miyamoto
  • Terry Miller
  • Thierry Trouin
  • Thomas Theunen
  • Tiffany Spencer
  • Todd Halfpenny
  • Toni V. Martin
  • Vicki Moritz-Henry
  • Vickie Jeffery
  • Warren Walters
  • Zachary Banks
  • Zuzanna Jarczynska

In addition to announcing the new and renewed Salesforce MVPs, we’re thrilled to announce new inductees into the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame.

What is the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame?

The Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame is a special community of our most dedicated long-time Salesforce MVPs. Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame members have been renewed as Salesforce MVPs for a total of five years and have consistently showcased the program’s pillars of expertise, leadership, and generosity. This special group of Salesforce MVPs has dedicated themselves to the Trailblazer Community in deep and meaningful ways for many years.

In fact, the Salesforce MVP Program was created in 2010 to recognize the incredible impact many in this group were already making, whether it was breaking the leaderboard by answering 100,000 questions in the Trailblazer Community, blazing trails for women by starting the first Women in Tech Community Group, or so much more.

Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame members are the ultimate connectors. You’ll find them mentoring and guiding newcomers making a career transition to Salesforce, and they’ve been helping others solve complex problems, even before we had an online space to do so. Many of the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame members that you see below are offering their time and knowledge free of cost to nonprofits and universities around the world. They’re creating organizations to amplify diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and are supporting underserved communities. These individuals truly exemplify what it means to be a Trailblazer.

Introducing the new Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame members

It’s time to introduce you to the dedicated, exceptional leaders and product experts who make up this year’s inductees into the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame. Drumroll, please…

  • Amanda Beard-Neilson (In Memoriam)
  • Amnon Kruvi
  • Anna Loughnan
  • Barbara Christensen
  • Bhavana Singh
  • Bill Florio
  • Chamil Madusanka
  • Charly Prinsloo
  • Gemma Blezard (In Memoriam)
  • Greg Gifford
  • Houssam Saoudy
  • Joy Shutters-Helbing
  • Judi Sohn
  • Kishore B T
  • Marisa Hambleton
  • Mark Adcock
  • Martin Humpolec
  • Rupesh Bhatia
  • Sandi Nuss Zellner
  • Scott Luikart
  • Squire Kershner
  • Steve Baines
  • Tom Hoffman

Congratulations again to our new Salesforce MVPs and Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame members! And congratulations to our renewed Salesforce MVPs who have demonstrated a continued commitment to helping others learn and succeed with Salesforce. We’re deeply grateful and inspired by the magnitude at which you share your knowledge, time, and passion. Learn more about these incredible Trailblazers and the Salesforce Hall of Fame Program on the Salesforce MVP page.

Connect with Salesforce MVPs

Connect with the new and renewed class today:

  1. Browse the Salesforce MVP and Hall of Fame directory
    Check out the Trailblazer Profiles of all new and renewed Salesforce MVPs and Hall of Fame members to learn about their skills, community activities, and more. Filter to find experts in specific products or regions, and then connect with them directly on the Trailblazer Community or via their social channels.
  2. Connect with the Trailblazer Community
    Be on the lookout for Salesforce MVPs in Trailblazer Community Groups and at Community Conferences‌ — ‌they’re eager to meet you and ready to share their expertise.
  3. Check out Salesforce MVP Office Hours
    These monthly, open forums are hosted by panels of Salesforce MVPs and are available in various time zones. Anyone is invited to join and bring their questions, comments, or anything in between.
  4. Join the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn
    Check out popular hashtags like #SalesforceMVP, #TrailblazerCommunity, and #Askforce to get the latest updates.

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