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What Is MuleSoft?

A man stands below a MuleSoft sign: What is MuleSoft
MuleSoft gives teams the power to unlock data, automate processes, and create digital experiences. [Jakub Mosur / Salesforce]

IT teams are too bogged down with routine requests. MuleSoft automates routine work and integrates systems to free up time and move your company forward.

Does your IT team struggle to get everything done? Do they have tons of requests but not enough resources to support all of them? Are they bogged down with out-of-date processes and technologies? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to ask yourself a different question: What is MuleSoft? 

MuleSoft has been part of the Salesforce family since 2018. To answer the what is MuleSoft question, we offer solutions that unlock the potential of every person in your organization so they can deliver business outcomes faster. We do this by giving IT easy-to-use tools for building automations and integrations while giving line-of-business (LOB) teams secure, self-serve access to the exact capabilities and components they need to succeed. 

What does MuleSoft do?

IT is one of the most critical teams in the modern enterprise. They keep things running smoothly, protect the organization’s data, and push businesses forward with new technologies. It’s no wonder so many teams rely on them for critical projects! 

The downside of being so in demand? IT teams are inundated with routine requests and new ideas, and it can be hard for them to get everything done. Only 44% of IT teams completed all the projects asked of them last year — 52% of which were delivered late, according to MuleSoft’s Connectivity Benchmark Report. This slows down the entire business, and these challenges only get harder to overcome as worker skills become more scarce and budgets grow tighter.  

That’s why, at MuleSoft, our goal is to make IT’s job easier. 

So what is MuleSoft? MuleSoft is a platform that gives IT the tools to automate everything. This includes integrating data and systems, automating workflows and processes, and creating incredible digital experiences — all on a single, easy-to-use platform. With our unique approach, IT creates the digital building blocks that teams can use as they need, all with the right security, governance, and compliance measures built in. 

Now that you know what MuleSoft is, let’s explore how MuleSoft works.

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How does MuleSoft work?

MuleSoft helps IT teams with three things: unlocking systems and data with integration, driving productivity and efficiency with automation, and creating engaging digital experiences. Our composable approach to connectivity turns every digital asset into a reusable product. With this approach, teams can deliver projects faster.  

How does MuleSoft integrate technology and data?

Data is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. Without it, business leaders are left to make educated guesses rather than informed decisions, marketers would simply shout into the void, and sales teams would have no idea who to call. That’s why every team needs access to the right data to do their jobs well.

The average organization has 976 individual applications holding its data, and it’s hard to ensure that everyone has the most up-to-date information across all these systems. Integration solves this by connecting all of the applications across the enterprise so people can access the exact data they need. 

How does MuleSoft make integration easy? Well, it’s a combination of composable APIs, cloud-based integration principles (also known as iPaaS), and robotic process automation (RPA) working to pull data from pesky legacy systems. The combination of these capabilities allows MuleSoft customers to integrate any system and unlock any data set.

What is MuleSoft’s role in automation?

All across the business, the demand for automation is on the rise — and the requests usually land on IT’s desk. Ninety-one percent of IT leaders say that the demand for automation has increased over the last two years. But with strapped headcounts and budgets, it’s hard for IT to do it all. 

We know that IT leads transformation for the organization. MuleSoft gives IT the tools to spread their knowledge across the entire organization. That starts with a unified platform where they can build reusable automations, components, workflows, and integrations with all the right security baked in. Then, when teams ask for help with automating a task, IT can send them to our no-code solutions that help them self-serve exactly what they need with clicks instead of code. 

What is MuleSoft doing to create seamless experiences? 

Technology is only as good as the people it’s helping. That’s right, we’re talking about the core of your business: your customers and your employees.

IT leaders understand just how important digital experiences are. About four out of five IT leaders agree that improved customer- and employee-facing technologies are critical for their organization to compete. The experience a customer has in their interactions with a company impacts customer loyalty. 

With MuleSoft, you can bundle whatever integrations, automations, or workflows that you created into digital experiences that impact the people who matter most. Whether it’s a new mobile banking application, an interactive ecommerce platform, or a customer data portal for your employees, you can build it quickly with assets that you already have in your back pocket from past projects. 

What are the benefits of MuleSoft?

IT spends 71% of its time “keeping the lights on,” which leaves only 29% for innovation, according to MuleSoft research. This can hold the entire business back from leading the charge for their industry. 

When companies use tools like MuleSoft to free up IT time and give teams low-code solutions, the whole organization becomes more efficient and moves faster. In fact, MuleSoft customers report delivering projects three times faster.

And as projects get done faster, IT can spend more time on what they do best: thinking up new innovative ideas and transforming the business.

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How do Salesforce and MuleSoft work together? 

Customer 360 brings all your business systems together to create a single view of the customer. MuleSoft is a powerful piece of the puzzle here. In order for all your business systems to communicate and share customer data — both inside and outside of Salesforce — they need to be integrated. 

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Whether you’re using the full suite of Customer 360 or individual Salesforce tools, MuleSoft and Salesforce together unlock data across systems, develop scalable integration and automation frameworks, and create differentiated, connected experiences — fast. Across integration patterns, Salesforce products, automated workflows, and third-party systems, the possibilities are endless. Use Salesforce and MuleSoft together to solve business problems like:

  • Automating workflows to improve a customer-facing experience with low-code solutions
  • Developing integrated applications with Lightning Platform and Heroku
  • Creating a single customer view in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud by integrating siloed third-party systems
  • Connecting Customer 360 with legacy sources to synchronize order, invoice, and product information

Businesses thrive when their data, technology, and people are all working together. When combined, MuleSoft and Salesforce help organizations rapidly accelerate digital transformation. 

So now that you know what MuleSoft is, what will your business do with it?

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