Two different experiences, one common bond.

Mike and Madison are anxious to take you through a day in their life with Salesforce. Choose one and start your journey.

Mike Taylor

Sales Representative
Mike's a man on a mission—hungry for leads, closing deals, moving at warp speed. All he wants is to spend more time selling and less time on administrative tasks.

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Madison Rigsby

Sales Management
Madison's looking for an edge - a way to grow her business. She needs real-time visibility and insights into how her reps are performing and how her business is doing.

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Note: The guided tours contain some of the basic, out-of-the box functionality of Salesforce; they do not show you Salesforce’s full breadth and depth, such as the ability to add your own data, seamlessly work across other Salesforce products, or integrate with hundred's of other external apps through the AppExchange.