Can you imagine a scenario where you ask Apple’s Siri a question, and she says, “Can I get back to you in five minutes?” Wouldn’t that be irritating and not at all helpful? Besides, what would she do for five minutes? Information and information requests have a shelf life. The information is requested at a specific time for a reason. If you send me the information in five minutes, I have probably moved on to something else. 

Many organizations are facing a challenge when it comes to supporting the real-time data requirements of mobile applications. They recognize that significant work needs to be done inside their complex IT environment to ensure that data queries and reports can be produced instantly for use on mobile applications. In many organizations, upgrading and enhancing their IT ecosystem for mobile applications represents a major investment. This is driving increased interest in cloud-based solutions that often use newer and faster processes, designs, and architectures.

Speed of response is essential to the mobile user experience. In the same vein, the speed at which your IT environment can support mobile applications is a competitive differentiator. As more applications incorporate location, predictive and context-aware elements, the speed of supporting IT systems will become even more important to the end user. No one wants a turn-by-turn navigation system giving driving instructions that are delayed by 30 seconds. “You should have turned back there” is not an acceptable response for most of us.

Retailers are also increasingly interested in interacting with onsite shoppers via mobile devices. They want to recognize you, your shopping habits, past purchases and preferences and today’s shopping needs all while you are browsing their aisles. This requires the ability to collect appropriate data, query databases and share relevant information with both the shoppers and the staff in the store so the customer’s experience is enhanced and the sales optimized.

None of this happens by accident.

Kevin Benedict is the opinionated Senior Analyst for Digital Transformation at Cognizant. He is a world traveller, speaker, writer and mobile and digital strategies consultant. In the past three years, Kevin has taught mobile and digital transformation strategies workshops in 17 different countries. He has over 25 years of experience working with enterprise applications and fourteen years in the mobile application market. He is also a veteran mobile software executive and authors one of the most popular blogs on mobile strategies at Follow him on Twitter: @krbenedict

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