How we get things done.
Things move fast at Salesforce, and sometimes it’s hard to understand how we get so much done so quickly. That’s where our operating principles come in.

There are four operating principles we use to put our core values into action and deliver on our goals: Accountability, Empowerment, Enablement, and Integration.

Together, these operating principles help us work efficiently and effectively to accomplish extraordinary things and deliver on our promises to our customers, partners, communities, and each other.


We are accountable to our customers, our partners, our communities, and ourselves. Through our V2MOMs, we align, prioritize, and ultimately hold ourselves accountable for delivering on what we say we will do on time and on scope. We report out on and analyze everything we do, and we use those learnings to improve and grow.

In order to build a trustful and long-lasting relationship with our customers, Success Managers need to demonstrate skills and expertise. Accountability is paramount to achieve that ‘Trusted Advisor’ status we are all aiming for. That means delivering on agreed commitments, setting the right expectations when things are not going perfectly during a project, being transparent, and sometimes having difficult conversations to ensure a realistic business goal as an outcome.”

Clelia Lancelot, Customer Success

London, Ohana member since 2012




Salesforce wants to empower everyone to learn and grow their careers no matter who they are. With Trailhead, we are helping Trailblazers pursue their dream jobs and chart their own courses."”

Sarah Franklin, Tech & Products

San Francisco, Ohana member since 2008

Our leaders and employees are trusted to move our business forward. Our people have the freedom to take risks, introduce new ideas, and make decisions that will help bring success to our customers. At Salesforce, every individual has the power to spark positive, meaningful change.


We provide our customers with the products, tools, and support to drive incredible success for their customers. Through Trailhead, we arm our customers, partners, employees, and members of our community with opportunities to elevate their skills, advance their businesses, and progress their careers.

In Sales, the motto is 'Always Be Closing'. In Sales Enablement, it's 'Always Be Learning'. We've sparked a culture of learning using Trailhead that's contagious. To me, enablement represents what Salesforce means to so many of our customers and employees' possibility.”

Dan Darcy, Sales

San Francisco, Ohana member since 2008




Quip became part of the larger Salesforce family very quickly after being acquired. we learned about the cool things that other teams were building, collaborated and integrated our prodcts, and were able to unleash powerful new deep learning recommendation technology.”

Rama Ramakrishnan, Tech & Products

Cambridge, Massachusetts, Ohana member since 2016

We collaborate and communicate effectively, breaking down silos and building up relationships. Our fully integrated suite connects technologies, systems, and devices like never before. We work effectively to fold new hires and acquired companies into the Ohana. And everywhere you go in the world,Salesforce always looks, feels, and sounds like Salesforce.