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Commercial Sales

We revolutionize the way our customers engage their customers, employees, partners & products by delivering connected, social and touch solutions. Our role is to be the experts, advisors and translators who link their business strategies to our solutions. The results for our customers are simple – strong top line growth and deeper, trusted relationships with their customers.

Enterprise Sales

Our vision is to own the enterprise market in every top city by inspiring & capturing the transformations of sales, service, marketing & innovation consistently throughout the year. We bring the entire company to each customer in their language with a coordinated engagement that leverages our advantages in social, mobile, cloud & success - and transforms every company into a Customer Company.

Sales Development

Creating customer delight and success by being the face of the brand and helping them to become a “customer company” themselves. We are the engine that drives pipeline, new logos, and ACV growth across clouds and segments. We innovate and scale globally, while making #dreamjob a reality and developing an army of high-performing, future AEs.

Sales Engineering

Sales Engineering's innovative solutions transform every customer into a “customer company” enabling connection to their customers in dynamic new ways. We become trusted advisors to our customers by sharing our expertise and making them wildly successful.

Customers for Life

We are creating a unified customer experience from the sales process through the renewal. We earn the Customer’s trust and satisfaction by accelerating ROI through strong adoption programs driven by passionate, highly trained, innovative and forward-thinking employees capable of scaled engagement and efficient & rapid customer resolution;

Health & Life Sciences delivers trusted customer success and spectacular growth through its passionate, highly-trained, innovative and forward-thinking employees. We are the #1 integrated sales, service and marketing cloud platform and transform every healthcare and life sciences company into a Healthcare Consumer Company

We are reinventing sales performance management by bringing into the sales cloud, enabling millions of sales professionals to align, motivate, and drive performance within the app where they work every day.

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