We're greater when we're

We're greater when we're


Together, we can reach Equality for all.

Equality is a core value at Salesforce. We believe that businesses can be powerful platforms for social change and that our higher purpose is to drive Equality for all. Creating a culture of Equality isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing. Diverse companies are more innovative and better positioned to succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We strive to create workplaces that reflect the communities we serve and where everyone feels empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work. There is more work to be done, but with the help of our entire Ohana — our employees, customers, partners, and community — we can achieve #EqualityForAll.

We focus on four core Equality pillars.

The trail to Equality for all starts with transparency, education, inclusive dialogue, quick action, community building, and an unbreakable commitment to making the world a better place.

We are taking action across four key pillars:

We advocate for Equality in the communities where we live and work, including standing against anti-LGBTQ legislation and standing for marriage Equality.
We are committed to equal pay for equal work. We continually assess for pay equity across the entire organization.
We believe Equality begins with education. We support equal access to quality public education for all through VTO, stem programming, and more.
We strive to create workplaces that are reflective of the communities we serve. We do this through our Ohana groups, workforce development programs, inclusive hiring, employee training, and more.

We are building a more inclusive Salesforce with our Ohana Groups and their allies.

At Salesforce, our culture is built around the Hawaiian concept of Ohana, which means family. Ohana is the deep-seated support system we nurture inside our company that extends from our employees to our customers, our partners, and our communities. 

This value is embodied in our Ohana Groups. These are employee-led and employee-organized groups centered around common life experiences or backgrounds, and their allies. Their mission is to make Equality a reality both inside Salesforce and the communities in which we live and work.  





Black Community


Community for Sustainability


LGBTQ Community



Asian Pacific Community


South Asian Community


Veteran Community

Women's Network

Gender Equality


Community for All Faiths


We are committed to Equality for all.


Inequality, in all its forms — gender, LGBTQ, racial, or otherwise — is an issue that every company must address for their own benefit and to create a better world. We believe businesses need to focus on closing the Equality gap with the same energy put into creating new products and markets.”

Tony Prophet, Chief Equality Officer, Salesforce

See where we are today.



of new college graduate hires in the U.S. were women or from underrepresented minorities, up 3% from last year


increase in the number of women in leadership positions at Salesforce, trending positive for the third consecutive year


of global promotions at Salesforce were earned by women, marking the third consecutive year of an increase in this area
Population of underrepresented minorities has increased and kept pace with the rapid growth of Salesforce
Our annual EEO-1 Report is available for download below, representing employees as of December 2017. The EEO-1 Report is a snapshot in time of our U.S. demographics and based on categories prescribed by the federal government. These categories are not necessarily representative of how our industry or workforce is organized. The information provided on our Equality page is a more accurate representation of our progress toward diversity.

Explore how you can blaze your trail to Equality.

We invite you to join us on this path to Equality. Read our special report for insights from over 1,500 business professionals on workplace equality and values-driven leadership trends, or learn what you can do to promote Equality in the workplace with Trailhead, the fun way to learn Salesforce.
Insights from over 1,500 business professionals on workplace Equality and values-driven leadership trends.
Learn what steps you can take to become an Equality ally.
Take the Cultivate Equality at Work trail to learn practical ways you can make a difference.

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