Announces sforce Toolkit for Borland® JBuilder® X

Sforce Toolkit for JBuilder X to be included in market leading development environment and new Borland Enterprise Studio 7 for Java;™ enables Borland developers to easily integrate, extend and customize to address specific business needs

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - November 4, 2003 -®,, the world leader in software-as-service, today announced at the 14th annual Borland Conference the sforce Toolkit for the Borland® JBuilder® X development environment. Sforce is the world's first on-demand application platform, and allows enterprises and solution developers to customize, integrate and extend to create CRM solutions that address their specific business needs. The sforce Toolkit, planned for shipment with Borland® JBuilder® X Enterprise and Borland® Enterprise Studio 7 for Java™ is designed to assist the over one million developers with Borland Java solutions to rapidly build custom-tailored software-as-service CRM solutions with lower cost and less complexity than software-only alternatives.

"Borland JBuilder X and Enterprise Studio 7 for Java are designed to increase the productivity of enterprise teams, corporate developers and code-centric Java developers," said George Paolini, vice president and general manager of Java solutions at Borland. "We're pleased to work with, to provide a solution designed to create on-demand CRM systems, while helping to reduce the cost and risk associated with traditional methods."

"CRM customization and integration doesn't have to be complicated," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of " and Borland recognize the need businesses have to create solutions that map directly to their unique business requirements while leveraging their existing investments in developer tools and skills. Sforce and Borland Java solutions, JBuilder X and Enterprise Studio 7 for Java, use the power of Web services and on-demand CRM to deliver the benefits of full-featured, highly customized CRM to everyone."

The sforce Toolkit for Borland JBuilder X consists of a plug-in for JBuilder X Enterprise and sample code. The toolkit includes:

- Sforce Object Browser for JBuilder X: allows developers to inspect and manage their sforce object directly from the integrated development environment, much as they would local database settings

- Support for Borland® CodeInsight:™ enables developers to easily access sforce object methods and properties as they type, without consulting additional documentation

- Sample Projects: Code examples of common CRM integration and extension scenarios

Sforce allows enterprises and solution developers to customize, integrate and extend and create new on-demand business applications. It brings the proven capabilities and success of to enterprise integration and application development projects. Together with, sforce allows enterprises to create tightly integrated solutions that allow key customer information to be shared between internal systems and business processes, and unique requirements to be easily met.

Sforce consists of three components: Web services-based on platform, IDE extensions, and a Developer Program. Available for without charge for a limited time at, the Developer Program provides access to sample code, technical support, tools, and Developer Edition. With this program and supporting Web site, enterprise developers and third-party solution providers can leverage sforce in their projects, enabling the development of applications without any upfront cost or risk. Already more than 50 solution providers, 300 enterprises and 1,000 developers are using sforce to extend and build new software-as-service applications.

Complete access to the sforce platform is included for without charge for a limited time with Enterprise Edition. Sforce is available now at The sforce toolkit for JBuilder X is included free of charge in every copy of JBuilder X Enterprise.

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