About Lumenos

Lumenos, based in Alexandria, Va., is a leading provider of consumer-driven health care. The Company's mission is to engage consumers in their health care by giving them control of routine health decisions and dollars, and the tools to make wise and informed decisions about their care. An engaged and knowledgeable consumer is the best long-term solution to current health care industry challenges. Available to self-funded companies, the Lumenos program allows employers to make an annual allocation to each employee's Health Savings Account (HSA). Participating employees can use these dollars on routine, preventive and most other health care expenses. Lumenos also provides online and offline access to the latest health care information, services and support to help consumers reach sound decisions. Unspent dollars can be rolled over year after year and accumulate in employees' HSAs for future health care needs. A growing number of Fortune 500 companies representing retail, pharmaceutical, technology and the manufacturing industries offer the Lumenos program to employees. For more information on Lumenos, please visit the Company's Web site: www.lumenos.com