is the leader in integrating philanthropy and business. Through its model of donating 1% of profits to the community annually, 1% of equity to its programs and 1% of employee working hours to community service, the Foundation is building a new model for corporations to better serve the communities in which they operate. The Foundation also strives to better the lives of youth by providing relevant access to technology for youth in underserved communities both domestically and abroad. The Foundation works with other corporations, youth development agencies, and NGOs to create a society in which children, regardless of socio-economic background, ethnicity or learning level, have access to technology and understand how to use it to enhance their lives. Since July 2000, the Foundation has opened 43 Community Technology Centers across the globe serving nearly 50,000 youth and other community members; has provided close to 8,000 hours of service to the community through's 400 employee volunteers; and offers the award winning online customer relationship management application to more than 100 qualified nonprofits globally saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. More information is available at