About Downtown Community Television Center

Downtown Community Television Center is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit, independent media center, based in a landmark firehouse on Lafayette Street in New York City. DCTV offers unique youth and community programs that extend the tools of television and electronic media production to a broad and diverse set of artists.

DCTV's productions, which reach over 100 million viewers each year, have received 12 National Emmy Awards, 2 Student Emmy Awards, 3 DuPont-Columbia Awards among many other prestigious awards. Over the past 30 years DCTV has taught the essentials of television production to over 50,000 students, most of them members of low-income and minority communities.

DCTV offers over 150 free or low-cost video and electronic media training workshops a year. Through its non-profit programs PRO-TV, for at-risk youth and ConnecTV, the only program of its type for adults with disabilities, DCTV provides free training in television production, mentorship and job readiness to underserved individuals traditionally denied a voice in the mainstream media.