About KDDI

KDDI is a diversified telecommunication operator formed by the merger of DDI, KDD and IDO in 2000, and is the only domestic company that provides both mobile communication service and broadband service. The number of subscribers to the fixed-line services is approximately 9 million and mobile phone subscribers under the au and TuKa brands is over 23 million. The 69 KDDI group companies had approximately 12,000 staffs and a sale in FY2005/3 was 29,200billion yen. At KDDI, aggressive improvement of communication environment in preparation for the coming ubiquitous network society is underway and KDDI is aiming to become a "ubiquitous solution company" which provides high value-added solutions. Further information about KDDI can be found on the KDDI website at http://www.kddi.com/english/.