About TI Broadcast Solutions Group

TI Broadcast Solutions Group is a customer-focused company providing a range of client-specific solutions to the broadcast and media distribution markets. The company offers consulting, design and build services; product and site support, prototyping and lab facilities to its customers. Its structure as a family of related business units facilitates experts interacting with customers to gain insight into emerging needs and proactively develop unique solutions to address them. For more information about TI Broadcast Solutions Group, visit the company web site at www.tibroadcastsolutionsgroup.net or call 770.441.5200.

About ShareMethods, LLC
With ShareMethods, sales and marketing teams can store, manage, and share documents easily and securely, collaborating with extended selling networks to close more business, providing a cost-effective alternative to developing and supporting a sales and marketing intranet or extranet.

ShareMethods combines advanced document management, collaboration, and CRM integration into powerful on-demand solutions. The "Sales and Marketing Portal in a Box" approach can cost less than one tenth of the price of traditional enterprise software. ShareMethods received an "Excellent" rating for usability from eWeek and scored 9 out of 10 for "Ease of Use, Implementation, and Value" from InfoWorld. The company was recognized as one of the "CRM WizKids of 2006" by noted CRM analyst Denis Pombriant at Beagle Research and was jointly recognized with salesforce.com in the InfoWorld Top 100 for one of the Best IT Projects of 2004. ShareMethods delivers its on-demand services on a global basis to users in the US, Canada, Mexico, France, England, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, and Japan. ShareMethods' on-demand services include the salesforce.com certified solutions ShareNow for AppExchange and ShareFree for AppExchange. Visit http://www.sharemethods.com or call 1-877-SHARENOW for more information.