About CRMorbit

Jointly located in Chennai, India, and San Rafael, California, CRMorbit (http://www.crmorbit.com) possesses deep Customer Relationship Management (CRM) expertise, a high level of confidence and vast industry knowledge. With these credentials, CRMorbit has proven to get organizations up and running with salesforce.com and AppExchange — quickly, easily, efficiently and cost-effectively. CRMorbit is the first-ever company to introduce a salesforce.com practice in India as a certified, independent consulting firm, with a 100% dedicated team for salesforce.com and AppExchange projects. Small companies, mid-sized enterprises and non-profit organizations of all sizes are recognizing this focused approach to building a platform-specific professional services firm and are contributing to CRMorbit's rapid growth.

As a salesforce.com implementation and AppExchange partner, CRMorbit currently has 20 full-time employees available for implementation of salesforce.com or AppExchange deployments in both the US and India. The CRMorbit team specializes in the salesforce.com platform; focuses its energies entirely to helping organizations who are considering or who have decided to deploy salesforce.com; provides quality, salesforce.com-specific consulting services; and offers its services at competitive rates.
For more information, please visit www.crmorbit.com or call 415-497-7516.