About Finaplex, Inc.

Finaplex builds enterprise software and operates hosting services for the industry's leading wealth management advisory firms, including three of the top ten firms in the industry. Finaplex was the first to implement a complete new generation of web services based software applications supporting world class investment advisory services. It provides these services by consolidating front-office, custodial, transaction, and market data into a single database. Finaplex has prebuilt interfaces to many leading back-office and market data services, combining these data feeds into a single database supporting the entire wealth management cycle.

Finaplex was founded in 2000 to address a pressing business problem in the retail financial services industry - the overhead involved in using disparate point solutions to provide a comlete service package. Finaplex is now a leading provider of wealth relationship management and retail investment technology solutions.

For more information, please visit www.finaplex.com.
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