About Salesforce Foundation

The Salesforce.com Foundation is the leader in pioneering, evangelizing and implementing the 1% Model, and using this model as a means to improve the lives of people around the world. The Salesforce.com Foundation harnesses the power of product and people to improve the lives of those in need. Using the unique 1/1/1 Model -- 1% Time, 1% Equity, 1% Product, and "one" with the earth -- the Foundation reaches out to the community and increases the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations so they can better achieve their goals, which the Salesforce.com Foundation calls the Power of Us. The Salesforce.com Foundation concentrates on the use of technology, specifically as it relates to organizations with youth development programs. The Salesforce.com Foundation has supported technology projects around the world that help kids in technology -- bereft urban and rural areas create a better future for themselves. Since July of 2000, salesforce.com employees have given over 60,000 hours of their time and expertise, feeding the homeless, tutoring kids, improving nonprofit spaces, and offering hundreds of helping hands when the world is faced with devastating natural disasters.