About The Steppin' Out Awards:

The Steppin' Out Awards originated with the 3rd edition of Greenberg's book, CRM at the Speed of Light. The award is given out for the combination of excellent customer engagement and experiences with market impact that goes beyond any single customer.  In order to win the award, the victor has to show not only an ability to make an impact, but to sustain the impact through the years.  The Steppin' Out Awards are the only awards in the industry that look at a CRM company's vision, strategy, corporate worldview and how well it is integrated into the company's plans and roadmaps.  It uniquely examines what the customer ecosystem is saying and doing with the company, and how well the company stays ahead of the curve.  For more detail on the awards see http://the56group.typepad.com/pgreenblog/2007/05/the_bpt_2007_st.html.