Salesforce helps us show one face to customers.”

Dale Danilewitz, CIO of AmerisourceBergen

Aligning around customers with Salesforce

For many large companies, coordinating across departments and geographies can be a challenge. AmerisourceBergen—which has more than 15 brands and a wide variety of consulting, marketing, and technology services—has instilled collaboration into the core of their company culture with a philosophy and vision coined the “Power of One.” Although the company uses SAP as their primary ERP platform, they’ve discovered Salesforce integrates easily and is the right solution to help the pharmaceutical services leader bring a dozen separate business units together so they can help customers and be more effective in the marketplace.

With employees disseminated widely, the Salesforce1 Mobile App has become key to connecting people across the entire company. The national sales team, for example, collaborates and shares information securely from anywhere using Salesforce1 on their mobile devices.


Salesforce helps us automate a variety of processes so we can stay focused on customers and innovation.”

Greg Glaser, Director of CRM Services at AmerisourceBergen

AmerisourceBergen’s product distribution arm uses Sales Cloud to track account and order information. Reps use Service Cloud to respond to 6,000+ customer inquiries from a variety of channels each day, and help physicians access and update confidential prescription information and claims forms.

Custom apps — built with the Salesforce Platform — manage the company’s complex returns processes, flu vaccine orders, new-business applicants, credit and collections, and more. By automating returns processing, the company has reduced turnaround times from 70 days to just three. Customers are happy because they can manage their inventories more effectively, and AmerisourceBergen can quickly return saleable products back to the marketplace.

The use of Chatter is pervasive at AmerisourceBergen. The entire Enterprise IT team, for example, uses Chatter as its primary tool for collaboration and communication. And every sales rep — more than 1,500 companywide — rely on Chatter to stay coordinated and collaborate on deals. The company plans to roll out additional cross-divisional solutions, including professional services scheduling. “Salesforce is flexible enough that we can have a common platform that works for a dozen different business units that don’t necessarily share common practices,” continues Glaser.

Bringing doctors, pharmacists, and patients closer together

In addition to helping with internal collaboration, Salesforce is helping AmerisourceBergen get closer to customers. Several divisions use Marketing Cloud for customer outreach and marketing. And the US Bioservices division employed Community Cloud to create an online community called My PathPoint that allows doctors to log in and submit new prescriptions, refill authorizations, and requests for information, all through a secure and confidential portal.

Salesforce Platform is the engine that’s fueling a nationwide network of microsites for the Good Neighbor Pharmacy network. The 3,500 microsites – available online or on mobile devices -- integrate with Salesforce to pull information like location, office hours, prescription status. Customers can even request refills through the app.

With Service Cloud portals the company makes it easy for physicians, patients, and payers (like Blue Cross or Blue Shield) to quickly access confidential information, manage claims and reimbursements, and more. Paperwork has been reduced by 95 percent, and adjustments that used to take three months to process are now completed in just days.

“Salesforce has added a whole new level of agility to our business,” says Danilewitz. “We can adapt to changing business needs — or new regulations — in a few hours.”


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