BlackBerry boosts efficiency by uniting its people and processes with Salesforce

From intelligent keyboards to extended life batteries, the company has been helping customers collaborate better for 35 years. Today, BlackBerry makes digital and mobile collaboration even safer – especially for its enterprise user base.

BlackBerry provides the technology that allows endpoints to trust one another, communicate securely, and maintain privacy so that businesses and governments around the world can protect their data from cyberattacks and make the most of the Internet of Things. It’s estimated that cybercrime will cost around an average of US$6 trillion per year by 2021.

“Security is in our DNA. We help organizations identify and implement solutions to make information and collaboration more secure,” said Jason Whissell, Director of Business Systems. “With Salesforce, we can help more organizations take advantage of our solutions and provide them with a richer customer experience.” 

A centralized platform unites teams and processes.

As part of its goal to be a Trailblazer for securing the Internet of Things, BlackBerry has made a number of acquisitions to strengthen its service offerings. But with every acquisition came a raft of fragmented systems and datasets.

As part of BlackBerry’s business transformation program ‘Unite’, it has consolidated multiple systems onto a single instance of Salesforce. “Some of our teams have been using Salesforce for 10 years,” explained Whissell. “With a centralized business platform, we can unify sales, services, and marketing processes and teams around the world.”

BlackBerry has operations in 30 countries and works with more than half of the Fortune 100 companies. “The experience we give our customers is the most important part of our offering; we want to provide the best service as well as the best products,” said Whissell. “With Salesforce, we have a single source of the truth and 360-degree visibility across the business.”

With Salesforce, we have a single source of the truth and 360-degree visibility across the business.”

Jason Whissell, Director of Business Systems, BlackBerry

Unlocking greater knowledge with Trailhead.

BlackBerry’s skilled internal teams managed the migration from its multiple legacy systems to the new Salesforce platform, which went live in October 2017. “When we need to expand our knowledge, we turn to Trailhead,” said Whissell. “It’s an invaluable resource and has even become part of the onboarding and certification process for employees.”

BlackBerry plans to develop its own Trailmixes to personalize the learning process for team members around the globe. These Trailmixes will help users get the most from Salesforce. BlackBerry employees around the world use the platform to support thousands of enterprise customers. “From submitting orders to providing technical support, Salesforce helps make every interaction with our customers memorable and relevant,” said Whissell.

And Whissell really does mean every interaction. “Salesforce doesn’t support the sales process – it is the sales process,” he explained. “Whether they are nurturing a lead, checking the opportunity pipeline, or closing a deal, our reps live in Sales Cloud Lightning.”

Richer insights and smarter processes boost sales productivity.

With greater automation and visibility across the sales lifecycle, BlackBerry has seen a huge leap in productivity. “With Salesforce, we can make people’s jobs easier and keep processes consistent,” said Whissell.

By combining Sales Cloud Lightning with Salesforce CPQ, BlackBerry has streamlined the quote and renewal process. “Sales teams can get a renewal quote in just one-click and place a customer order in a couple of minutes instead of the 45 minutes it used to take,” added Whissell.

Product filters in Salesforce CPQ help reps to find relevant information faster, while rules reduce the number of human errors and ensure greater quote accuracy. The sales team is also leveraging Einstein Analytics to unlock deeper insights into conversion and renewal rates, and is running a pilot to use it for lead scoring and prioritization.

Increased visibility of team performance and case progress.

BlackBerry has also centralised enterprise customer support on Service Cloud, which means service agents have a unified view of all customer interactions and their case history. Automated workflows and triggers ensure customers are kept updated on the progress of their case, which helps the company monitor and meet SLAs.

Insights from Einstein are displayed in user-friendly dashboards, which helps BlackBerry’s leaders track performance and identify any areas for improvement. “We can now pull data for reports in seconds instead of days, which means we have a real-time view of workload versus resource,” said Whissell.

The support team responds to queries via email, phone, and the BlackBerry support community. “With Salesforce, we can broaden our customer engagement channels. The next step for us will be Live Chat, SMS support, and chatbots,” added Whissell.

Communities put partners and customers in control.

BlackBerry’s support community, built on Community Cloud, gives customers self-service access to knowledge articles, forums, and ticket logging and tracking features.

Another community provides channel sales partners with the ability to register new deals, view customer accounts, track prospect opportunities, and tap into Salesforce CPQ’s smart quoting features. “Giving customers and partners the power to self-serve makes it easier for them to access information and find solutions to problems faster,” said Whissell.

BlackBerry’s future looks sweet with Salesforce.

Salesforce has already helped BlackBerry transform and unite its business, but there’s still more potential to unlock. The company is in the process of deploying Pardot and Social Studio to make customer engagement more proactive and personalized.

“With Salesforce, BlackBerry is a force to be reckoned with. It gives us the ability and insight to continuously evolve and deliver the best possible customer experience – even as we scale,” said Whissell.

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