Boggi Milano delivers on the omni-channel promise.

Discover how the Italian clothing brand mastered today’s unified customer experience.

Italian clothing brand Boggi Milano wanted to connect with on-the-go shoppers, so it reinvented its organization and technology roadmap to deliver a true omni-channel experience. The result? More than 100% YOY growth in online sales.


Watch how Boggi achieved omni-channel success, step by step.


What does the Boggi customer experience actually look like?

In this video, follow a Boggi customer as he seamlessly moves from digital to store and from discovery to service — all on mobile devices.

Step 1:

Break down organizational silos.

No new implementation can reach its full potential if the organization is not aligned. Boggi brought together stakeholders from across the company, who reported directly to its board, to drive its new omni-channel initiatives to success.

The company also introduced the Boggi Academy, an intensive program that trains employees on how to deliver a world-class customer-first experience.

Step 2:

Build the digital foundation.

With the customer journey as the new focus of the brand, Boggi embarked on a complete replatform to Commerce Cloud.

This enabled the next stage in its vision: to bridge the physical and digital worlds with omni-channel services like click and collect, reserve in stores, and more.

Step 3:

Digitize the store.

It’s a holy grail of omni-channel retail: unifying the customer journey by extending digital into the store. Boggi store associates are trained to leverage in-store apps like Endless Aisle to drive sales.

The result? Almost 12% of Boggi’s digital sales are made via apps in the store. Productivity among associates and satisfaction among in-store shoppers has never been higher.

Step 4:

Unify service across channels.

To provide a connected service experience, Boggi uses Service Cloud to create a single, centralized customer service team that serves both retail and ecommerce customers. This team also works closely with in-store associates to maintain a seamless experience, no matter if the customer is shopping—online or in-person.

Step 5:

Unify marketing functions.

What offers and promotions are customers responding to? What are their post-sale service needs? By leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud, Boggi has a more complete picture and understanding of its customers pre and post-sale.

With a more complete and unified view of customer activity across the entire journey, Boggi can deliver a superior experience at every step.


We want to give Boggi customers a premium and effortless customer experience on all channels.”

RICCARDO MILANI | Omni-Channel Manager, Boggi Milano

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