We have to communicate as much as we can on a 1-to-1 level. We needed to customize the user experience to provide relevant and timely information.”


Calamos Investments arms its financial advisors with the best information by sending personalized messages across the digital experience.

Consumers depend on investment managers they can trust. When it comes to their money, people want to know their advisors are empowered with the most up-to-date and relevant information. Salesforce Marketing Cloud, combined with the power of Personalization Builder and Predictive Intelligence, gives Calamos Investments' advisors an edge over the competition by providing customized news and content recommendations in email and on the web. “Advisors have a lot of different resources that they can go to for their news, but we want to be their trusted resource for information," said Stephanie Kendle, manager of eBusiness Channel Marketing. "Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides us the resources to do that."


Salesforce enables us to better communicate accurate and timely resources to financial advisors.”


Delivering value to each financial advisor

The company provides advisors with an online portal containing information on available funds, white papers, blog posts, and videos. As a trusted partner and source of truth to the advisors, the digital marketing team constantly updates the portal with new information on topics that are top of mind to advisors and their clients. The Calamos team discovered an inherent challenge with the portal right away: keeping the advisor continually engaged and coming back for more. They found that the best way to get repeat visitors is to provide advisors with the exact content they are looking for at any given moment. “We have to communicate as much as we can on a 1-to-1 level,” said Chris Howard, VP of digital marketing and design. “We needed to customize the user experience to provide relevant and timely information.” To do this, the Calamos team uses the Predictive Intelligence features of Marketing Cloud's Personalization Builder to generate content recommendations in the online portal. Since each advisor has a unique login, personalized content can be populated in real time based on the firm an advisor works for, the content viewed by other similar users, or even an advisor’s unique browsing behavior. The Calamos team can track, monitor, and analyze advisor behavior and then translate that data into relevant, content-driven campaigns across the digital experience. Predictive Intelligence allows them to manage the advisor experience on their website; but they are also able to extend that experience into other cross-channel efforts, including email. “Personalization Builder enables us to better communicate accurate and timely resources to financial advisors,” Kendle said. “Tailoring these messages has increased the average number of page views by double digits.” The average time users spend on a given page has also increased to six minutes - two minutes higher than the industry standard. Finally, the Calamos team leverages Predictive Intelligence data gathered in their online portal to trigger a variety of tailored email journeys, created in Email Studio. The first is a four-email welcome series that begins when a new advisor signs up. The emails recommend personalized content based on the advisor's browsing history as well as content based on what’s most popular on the site. In addition to providing the right content, the team also wanted advisors to spend more time on fund pages. They launched an abandoned-browse email campaign to trigger an email to advisors who have clicked on a specific fund page. Three days after viewing a page, the user receives an email with recommended resources related to that fund. Fund pages now make up 65% of the most popular content on the site.

Innovating for the future

In an industry that is historically slow to adopt new technology, the Calamos team is staying ahead of the curve. “We think we’ve just scratched the surface," said Howard. "We’re really excited when we think about the future and what we can do digitally with our clients."


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