We're discovering new buyers with Salesforce. We tap into names and titles we never could before — at the click of a button.”


Job #1: Matching companies with the right talent (with help from Salesforce)

Having the right job means feeling great about where you work and whom you work with. Even with the U.S. unemployment rate back below 6%, there’s a huge opportunity to help people find new jobs and build the skills they need to advance their careers. Each month, more than 25 million people visit CareerBuilder’s site to find jobs and get advice. The company uses Salesforce to build relationships with these people — and the employers that might hire them — and ensure a consistent experience through every touchpoint. Matt Ferguson, CEO, explains, “The heart of our business is our relationships with customers — the companies we serve by finding their next star employee, and the individuals that will be that employee. We are always looking for new ways to get more innovative with them. We realized we could do more with the data we have to create a highly personalized experience, and really make a difference in people’s lives. That’s when we turned to Salesforce.”


The heart of our business is our relationships with customers.”

Marketing Cloud helps CareerBuilder get to know job applicants. By monitoring social media conversations, they can build out complete personal profiles and give job seekers highly targeted career advice that’s relevant and timely. With automated content distribution, CareerBuilder can give personal information to applicants faster than ever before. And, since more than a third of their users access the company’s content through a mobile device, CareerBuilder can stay in touch 24/7, sending notifications of new positions to mobile devices, so job seekers can apply for them in real time. Salesforce Platform has also been instrumental to helping CareerBuilder give people the skills they need to find the job they want. The Platform’s speed and flexibility has led to the creation of niche skills training websites to help meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. The company manages leads and accounts with Sales Cloud. Turbocharging that process is — a critical source for finding and understanding openings that HR departments don’t know about. “We are discovering new buyers with,” says Lindsey Nelson, VP of Productivity. “We tap into names and titles we never could before — at the click of a button.” It all adds up to benefits not only for companies and individuals, but the economy as well. “Salesforce makes it easier to see what’s going on with our customers and job seekers in this vast, social world,” says Donahue. “And if we can create more jobs and simultaneously create a labor market with the skills that we need, we’ve done something good.”

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