Circle CVI wins and retains more cvi42 customers with Salesforce


Discover how Circle CVI is growing its customer base by 30% every year with Salesforce

Heart disease is the number one cause of death globally, but early diagnosis and treatment saves lives. Cardiovascular imaging (CVI) helps medical professionals detect heart disease and other conditions, so they can diagnose patients, provide the right treatments and increase survival rates.Circle CVI is a global leader in the field of cardiovascular imaging, with millions of exams processed every day using Circle CVI’s multi-modality cardiac imaging reading and reporting solutions - cvi42 - powered by AI. Circle CVI works with hospitals and clinics in more than 80 countries, leveraging innovation to improve patient care and enable healthier lives for us all. cvi42 is used in nine of the top 10 hospitals in the world.

Working with these leading healthcare institutions is a privilege, but also a challenge. Circle CVI’s customers have high expectations and are under massive pressure, with strains on budgets and resources and growing demand for their services. As a category leader, Circle CVI works with the foremost professionals in the industry to help them address these issues with new solutions that offer greater efficiency.

To continue working with such prestigious customers, Circle CVI must prioritize customer engagement. The company uses Salesforce to ensure every interaction - from first contact to ongoing medical education - is a great experience.

Since 2019, the company has invested in and expanded its Salesforce capabilities to create an integrated digital platform that supports every part of the business with greater automation, better information, and critical business insights.

“Salesforce is the epicentre of the business, helping us provide a digital customer experience and supporting all day-to-day and strategic business decisions.”
Christos Giantsis
Global CRM Operations Manager

1. Streamline processes across the business.

With increasing demand for its solutions, Circle CVI is experiencing 30% year-on-year growth. To support this expansion and ensure customers continue to receive the level of service they expect, the company was keen to automate its processes.

With an integrated business platform, Circle CVI has centralized information and implemented seamless workflows across the entire customer journey. This includes capturing and scoring leads, managing opportunities, and automating notifications when a sale is complete - for finance to invoice and support teams to start installation. Once an installation is completed, the company also sends out customer surveys via the platform to easily capture and analyse results.

“Every part of the business now uses Salesforce, including product, regulatory, sales, finance, marketing, support, and customer success teams,” says Christos Giantsis, Global CRM Operations Manager. “It’s the epicentre of the business, helping us provide a digital customer experience and supporting all day-to-day and strategic business decisions.”

2. Increase sales with better data and industry insights.

Every company wants to improve sales, but Circle CVI recognized that you can’t improve what you can’t measure. Sales reps were using spreadsheets to track opportunities and customer conversations, but this approach wasn’t sustainable as the company grew.

“We wanted to create an environment where reps and managers can understand every detail of an opportunity, clarifying the next step and making it easier to close each sale,” explains Daniel Leite, VP Global Marketing. “We’ve achieved this with a centralized CRM system. The solution’s metrics help us track performance in real time, identify opportunities for improvement, and design future strategies.”

Circle CVI is also combining internal data with external sources and then using analytics and AI to spot industry trends. For example, by comparing data on which hospitals perform the most cardiovascular exams with sales data, it has wider context to better understand opportunities, where it might be able to upsell, and improve forecasting.  

3. Simple quote creation.

Responding quickly to requests for proposals is essential to winning sales. Before digitalization, Circle CVI’s reps were creating quotes in spreadsheets, manually calculating costs, and then creating PDFs. With an integrated system for configure, price, and quote (CPQ), in just three button-clicks, they can now automatically create a quote to send to the customer. “With the quote details tracked centrally, the platform auto-creates renewals and adds them to the forecast, while sending all relevant information to Sage for the finance team,” explains Giantsis.

4. Empower partners with shared information.

Circle CVI’s business partnerships are growing by 50% every year, making them increasingly important to the company’s success. To ensure Circle CVI and its partners can collaborate effectively and provide a consistent experience to customers, the company has created an online partner community. Via the portal, users can view joint opportunities, track and assign installations, and keep abreast of progress with customers. 

“With our partner community, we can avoid a plethora of emails and spreadsheets as all the data is in same place,” says Giantsis. “Information such as installation updates and schedules are live in the account, so it’s easy to keep customers informed and help resolve issues.”

5. Optimize marketing efforts with visibility of ROI.

Historically, Circle CVI had always struggled to accurately track the success of its marketing campaigns, from event to social media activities, but not anymore… The company has only just added marketing capabilities to its business platform, but is already gaining a greater understanding of the ROI of its marketing efforts with the solution. The marketing team is also planning to automatically nurture and score leads, which will help prioritize sales efforts, inform conversations, and ensure the right content is sent to contacts.

Thanks to Circle CVI’s customer focus, which has been strengthened by its digital transformation, the company’s NPS score is twice the industry average and it has retention levels of more than 90%. “With Salesforce, we’ve automated processes and digitalized customer and partner engagement, which is essential in today’s industry,” comments Leite. “This frees up our teams to focus on creating technologies that save lives, building awareness, and empowering users in hospitals globally.”


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